Walker Percy

SATURDAY READING: Saint Thomas Aquinas — Nuns, Prophecies, Communists, the Bomb, the Dread of Angels, Reason, Faith, and the Summa Theologica

January 26, 2013

Written by Richard Bausch We proceed thus to the first article: It seems that the existence of God is self-evident. . . . Since Time is a human invention, and since the psyche knows nothing of it, really, I am always at least partly living in the presence, among all the other presences, of two separate days, both sunny and cool, both taking place in late March, at the tag end of winter, when the ground is still mostly gray or winter brown, but when some early blossoms are out, and the air has that fresh, earthy new-grass fragrance of spring. The first of these days is in 1959.  A Saturday morning.  I’m sitting in a CCD class — Confraternity of Christian Doctrine — for Catholic children who attend public schools.  There’s a wall [...]