W. H. Auden

POETRY: For The Time Being by W. H. Auden

January 5, 2016

Narrator Well, so that is that. Now we must dismantle the tree, Putting the decorations back into their cardboard boxes— Some have got broken—and carrying them up to the attic. The holly and the mistletoe must be taken down and burnt, And the children got ready for school. There are enough Left-overs to do, warmed-up, for the rest of the week— Not that we have much appetite, having drunk such a lot, Stayed up so late, attempted—quite unsuccessfully— To love all of our relatives, and in general Grossly overestimated our powers. Once again As in previous years we have seen the actual Vision and failed To do more than entertain it as an agreeable Possibility, once again we have sent Him away, Begging though to remain His disobedient [...]

POETRY: The Vision Of The Shepherds by W. H. Auden

January 1, 2016

One THE FIRST SHEPHERD The winter night requires our constant attention, Watching that water and goodwill, Warmth and well-being, may still be there in the morning. THE SECOND SHEPHERD For behind the spontaneous joy of life There is always a mechanism to keep going, THE THIRD SHEPHERD And someone like us is always there. THE FIRST SHEPHERD We observe that those who assure us their education And money would do us such harm, How real we are just as we are, and how they envy us, For it is the centerless tree And the uncivilized robin who are the truly happy, Have done pretty well for themselves: THE SECOND SHEPHERD Nor can we help noticing how those who insist that We ought to stand up for our rights, And how important we are, keep insisting [...]

POETRY: The Temptation Of St. Joseph by W. H. Auden

December 17, 2014

From For the Time Being I JOSEPH My shoes were shined, my pants were cleaned and pressed, And I was hurrying to meet My own true Love: But a great crowd grew and grew Till I could not push my way through, Because A star had fallen down the street; When they saw who I was, The police tried to do their best. CHORUS [off] Joseph, you have heard What Mary says occurred; Yes, it may be so. Is it likely? No. JOSEPH The bar was gay, the lighting well-designed, And I was sitting down to wait My own true Love: A voice I’d heard before, I think, Cried: “This is on the House. I drink To him Who does not know it is too late;” When I asked for the time, Everyone was very kind. CHORUS [off] Mary may be pure, But, Joseph, are you [...]