Thomas Merton

THE MECHANICS OF PRAYER: Silence — Bearing The Fruit Of Reverence, with quotes of Thomas Merton

January 3, 2012

I love Thomas Merton.  He is a writer that I can never read too much of.  So, when I decided to write on the importance of silence in prayer, I looked up some writing by Thomas on silence, or stillness, to see how much our assertions conformed with one another. We don’t proclaim the same things about silence, but I still found myself soothed and moved by his words.  For instance, here is something he wrote: Words stand between silence and silence: between the silence of things and the silence of our own being, between the silence of the world and the silence of God.  When we have really met and known the world in silence, words do not separate us from the world nor from other men, nor from God, nor from ourselves because we no [...]