Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

POETRY: Advent by Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

December 23, 2018

Through the needle’s eye the rich man came squeezing through stars of razor light that pared his body down to thread. Gravity crushed his heart’s chime and his breath that breathed out worlds now flattened as fire between walls. The impossible slit stripped him, admitting him to stitch the human [...]

POETRY: Banding by Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

April 6, 2016

The nets of God hang in every wild place to catch the unwary migrant, one with the skull another to fall from the sky on the ten-thousandth mile, but when he holds one of those small, terrified bodies like a jewel between his thumb and forefinger and unfans the wing to measure it, secretly admiring the bars he conceived to catch his own hungry eye, and the little claw foot he rings with a coded band that numbers the feathers and weds him forever to the pulse in his palm that recalls his own heaving heart the day he flew into a net and hung there thirsting in the woods where only a wasp moved, flicking cobalt wings, when he lets go, when he flings what he has marked into emptiness, he follows the speck with his eye to South America and [...]