CHRISTMAS STORY: When the Yule Log Burns, A Christmas Story, by Leona Dalrymple

December 28, 2017

Kindlings Polly, the Doctor’s old white mare, plodded slowly along the snowy country road by the picket fence, and turned in at the snow-capped posts. Ahead, roofed with the ragged ermine of a newly-fallen snow, the Doctor’s old-fashioned house loomed gray-white through the snow-fringed branches of the trees, a quaint iron lantern, which was picturesque by day and luminous and cheerful by night, hanging within the square, white-pillared portico at the side. That the many-paned, old-fashioned window on the right framed the snow-white head of Aunt Ellen Leslie, the Doctor’s wife, the old Doctor himself was comfortably aware—for his kindly eyes missed nothing. He could have told you with a reflective stroke of his grizzled [...]

EASTER STORY: How Donkeys Got The Spirit Of Contradiction, by André Trocmé

March 11, 2017

From: Angels and Donkeys A Story About Saving Children, and the Courage It Takes to Go Against Social Conventions and Expectations Until the birth of Jesus, donkeys were like anyone else; that is, just like human beings.  I mean just like grown-up human beings, not like children.  Children have always had the Spirit of Contradiction.  But donkeys used to be docile, just like grown-ups today. Here is how things changed. In Bethlehem at the entrance of the town lived a Samaritan.  He was a good man.  He tried as much as possible to help people forget he was a Samaritan.  He thought, spoke, and dressed just like anyone else.  He was a conformist. Everyone respects social conventions.  Each of us likes to welcome our guests into a [...]

EASTER STORY: The White Lily, by Jane Tyson Clement

March 4, 2017

Once long ago, near a village far away, there lived an old peasant known as Ivan.  He had a little hut, a small garden, a dog named Rubles, and a six-year-old nephew, Peter, who was an orphan.  Ivan was not a bad man, as he did not murder, did not steal, told no lies, and did not meddle in other people’s business.  But on the other hand he couldn’t be called a good man either.  He was cross and dirty.  He seldom spoke, and then only grudgingly and unpleasantly.  He paid no attention to his neighbors, never showed them kindness, and refused any small courtesy or friendliness they offered him.  Eventually they paid no attention to him either and let him go his own way.  As for Rubles the dog, he was afraid of his master [...]