POETRY: Song, by Thomas Merton

September 7, 2012

When rain, (sings light) rain has devoured my house And wind wades through my trees, The cedars fawn upon the storm with their huge paws. Silence is louder than a cyclone In the rude door, my shelter. And there I eat my air alone With pure and solitary songs While others sit in conference. Their windows grieve, and soon frown And glass begins to wrinkle with a multitude of water Till I no longer see their speech And they no longer know my theater. Rivers clothe their houses And hide their naked wisdom. Their conversations Go down into the deep like submarines: Submerge them, with their pale expressions, in my storm. But I drink rain, drink wind Distinguish poems Boiling up out of the cold forest: Lift to the wind my eyes full of water, My [...]

SERMON: John the Baptist (singing sermon)

August 29, 2012

Sung by Rev. Moses Mason, on Anthology of American Folk: A Folkways Anthology Written by Johnny Parth (On YouTube there is a performance under “Rev. Moses Mason — John the Baptist & lyrics”; and another by Neko Case, called John Saw that Number.) (Lyrics differ.) John done saw that number,  Way in the middle of the air. John done saw that number, Way in the middle of the air. Inculcating John The Baptist, Preaching in the wilderness All the children came from east Came from the east, For the kingdom of heaven It ain’t for this is he That was spoken of by the prophecy, yeah. The voice of one Crying in the wilderness so badly. Stayed away all day Lord, It made him sadly stayed insane. John had a raiment of camel hide and [...]