EDEN: A Spit Of Chaos, or, The Serpent’s Motive

November 23, 2018

I just want to say upfront, so there’s no confusion here, that I have come to feel that the most significant barrier to a person’s reading of the Bible is the church.  How it’s waved its paw to erase subtlety, explained things in such a child-like manner that people have dropped any desire to be curious or assertive about the words before them, and insisted on being The Experts that must be listened to. Over the last I-don’t-know-how-many years, I’ve really come to appreciate the Bible.  Most of my life it served as my code book: I would search it to find explanations to visions, to confirm them as accurate, to show me my way. But as I’ve come into old age and now have the confidence to know that the [...]

SATURDAY READING: Entering Into The Serpent by Gloria Anzaldúa

July 6, 2013

From Weaving The Visions: New Patterns in Feminist Spirituality Mi mamagrande Ramona toda su vida mantuvo un altar pequeño en la esquina del comedor.  Siempre tenia las velas prendidas.  Alli hacia promesas a la Virgen de Guadalupe.  [My grandmother Ramona all her life maintained a small altar in the corner of the dining room.  She always had candles lit.  There she made vows to the Virgin of Guadalupe.]  My family, like most Chicanos, did not practice Roman Catholicism but a folk Catholicism with many pagan elements.  La Virgen de Guadalupe’s Indian name is Coatlalopeuh.  She is the central deity connecting us to our Indian ancestry. Coatlalopeuh is descended from, or is an aspect of, earlier Mesoamerican fertility and Earth [...]