LENTEN MEDITATION: In Mirrors by Walter Wangerin

February 23, 2016

From Reliving the Passion In mirrors I see myself.  But in mirrors made of glass and silver I never see the whole of myself.  I see the me I want to see, and I ignore the rest. Mirrors that hide nothing hurt me.  They reveal an ugliness I’d rather deny.  Yow!  Avoid these mirror of veracity! My wife is such a mirror.  When I have sinned against her, my sin appears in the suffering of her face.  Her tears reflect with terrible accuracy my selfishness.  My self!  But I hate the sight, and the same selfishness I see now makes me look away. “Stop crying!” I command, as though the mirror were at fault.  Or else I just leave the room.  Walk away. Oh, what a coward I am, and what a fool!  Only when I have the [...]