EVIL: On The Devil, a conversation between Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and Rabbi Abraham Skorka

June 23, 2014

From On Heaven and Earth BERGOGLIO: The Devil is, theologically, a being that opted not to accept the plan of God.  The masterpiece of the Lord is man; some angels did not accept it and they rebelled.  The Devil is one of them.  In the book of Job he is the tempter, the one that looks to destroy the work of God, he that brings us to self-sufficiency, to pride.  Jesus defines him as the Father of Lies, and the book of Wisdom says that sin entered the world through the Devil’s envy of God’s masterpiece.  His fruits are always destruction: division, hate, and slander.  And in my personal experience, I feel him every time that I am tempted to do something that is not what God wants for me.  I believe that the Devil exists. [...]

SATURDAY READING: A Masque Of Reason, by Robert Frost

June 21, 2014

A FAIR oasis in the purest desert. A man sits leaning back against a palm. His wife lies by him looking at the sky. MANYou’re not asleep? WIFENo, I can hear you. Why? MANI said the incense tree’s on fire again. WIFEYou mean the Burning Bush? MANThe Christmas Tree. WIFEI shouldn’t be surprised. MANThe strangest light! WIFEThere’s a strange light on everything [...]

GOD 101: Challenged By Satan

June 17, 2014

It shouldn’t shock anyone by now that I pretty much completely disagree with the way most writers – people who describe themselves as theologians – knock together a vision of God from how he behaves in Job.  To Job.  To the rest of Job (his family, et al.)  To Satan. God messes with Satan, it seems, because he has some unresolved issues to work out, and hey, who do I have to answer to anyway?  It’s a bet.  No one really cares.  No one is really watching. It’s my Bible, and I’ll bet if I want to. Indeed. Because, like, you know, God and Satan, they’re like *this*.  Tight.  So just hangin’ is cool. Right? What’s a bet between friends? Good grief. Can we just start with a [...]

JOB: Why Does God Make Bets With Satan?, by Kenneth C. Davis

June 17, 2014

From Don’t Know Much About The Bible For about twenty-five hundred years, the meaning of Job has puzzled people.  The traditional depiction of Job was an oversimplification, presenting a picture of a good man who is true to God, no matter what happens, whose complete obedience is rewarded with greater prosperity.  A closer reading shows that Job is a far more complicated character who challenges God.  Some have called Job the “first existentialist,” because he questioned the seeming isolation of humanity in a hostile universe and then discovered that there were no answers.  The more complicated, and not entirely satisfying, message of Job and his questioning of God is that humans, in the cosmic sense, “just [...]

SATURDAY READING: Angels And Healing by Jonathan Macy

December 21, 2013

From In The Shadow Of His Wings In a broken world full of broken people, the need for healing of all kinds is not only desirable but a necessary starting point for any spiritual journey and relationship with God.  A cripple cannot walk the road until their legs are made strong enough to do so.  The blind cannot see the path until their sight is restored.  The first step with God must be that of healing, (and as we saw earlier, healing is an event, or series of events, or a process) in one’s life which promotes physical and spiritual wholeness. While angels can be the conduits of God’s healing presence, Biblically, one must recognize that God is the only source of all healing.  Therefore, strictly speaking, angels cannot and do not [...]

POETRY: The Ghost of Abel, by William Blake

October 9, 2013

A Revelation in the Visions of Jehovah Seen by William Blake TO LORD BYRON in the Wilderness: What doest thou here, Elijah? Can a Poet doubt the Visions of Jehovah? Nature has no Outline, but Imagination has. Nature has no Tune, but Imagination has. Nature has no Supernatural and dissolves: Imagination is Eternity. Scene — A rocky Country. Eve fainted over the dead body of Abel, which lays near a Grave. Adam kneels by her. Jehovah stands above. Jehovah: Adam! Adam: I will not hear thee more, thou Spiritual Voice. Is this Death? Jehovah: Adam! Adam: It is in vain. I will not hear thee Henceforth! Is this thy Promise, that the Woman’s Seed Should bruise the Serpent’s head? Is this the Serpent? Ah! Seven time, O Eve, thou has fainted [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Let’s Talk Evil (includes a diagram of hell)

March 5, 2013

Well, it is Lent, after all.  The time to take a most serious look at all things spiritual.  And the more I think about it, the more I believe that the lack of understanding about the soul that permeates the world is one reason why so many people do not heal after trauma and other severe life experiences. In fact, I am becoming so serious about this in my thoughts that I actually want to develop a method of healing souls.  But perhaps more on that later. The bottom-line fact of the matter, for me anyway, is that evil is all about stealing soul energy.   Our souls contain energy.  We are born with it (as in seeing the shine of a newborn).  We develop it through our experiences and efforts such as forgiveness and compassion.  And [...]

POETRY: D. H. Lawrence on God, Evil, and Man

October 10, 2012

God Where sanity is there God is. And the sane can still recognize sanity so they can still recognize God. God and the Holy Ghost There is no sinning against God, what does God care about sin! But there is sinning against the Holy Ghost, since the Holy Ghost is with us in the flesh, is part of our consciousness. The Holy Ghost is the deepest part of our own consciousness wherein we know ourselves for what we are and know our dependence on the creative beyond. So if we go counter to our own deepest consciousness naturally we destroy the most essential self in us, and once done, there is no remedy, no salvation for this, nonentity is our portion. When Satan Fell When Satan fell, he only fell because the Lord Almighty rose a bit too high, a [...]


August 17, 2012

In God, there is always the seen and the unseen. The front and the back, as it were. The unseen side of a blessing (which is seen) could very well be a swift kick in the pants from God.  OK, you wanted this, now get it together and take good care of it. Whatever it is. We even joke about this conundrum: Be careful what you wish for, for you may just get it. It isn’t necessarily giving everything the aspects of good and bad.  But in soul structures, there are good, normal souls, with not that much variation, and evil souls — or structures in the place of where souls should be. The dark side is very much a term that can be applied these types of unsouls. On the very, very plus side of soul structure there is the Holy Trinity, who, [...]

MYSTICISM: Macarius Meets Satan

August 9, 2012

From The Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monks When Macarius was living in the utter desert he was the only one who lived as a solitary, but lower down there was another desert where several brothers lived. One day he glanced down the road and he saw Satan coming along looking like a man, who passed by Macarius’s dwelling.  He seemed to be wearing a cotton garment full of holes and a small flask hung at each hole. Macarius said to him, “Hey, mister, where are you off to?”  He said, “I’m going to stir up the memories of the monks.”  The hermit said, “What are these small flasks for?”  He replied, “I’m taking food for the brethren to taste.”  The hermit [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Satan’s Soul, and the process of welcoming back possessed souls

January 10, 2012

For the most part, normal, everyday souls, the souls of good, God-fearing people are pretty much alike.  There are some variations, to be sure, but for these variations, it’s like comparing a duck with a swan.  Different, but essentially the same.  You get the idea. But the meat, I have found, in the study of soul structure lies with the souls of evil people.  I’m not sure it is accurate to call a soul, itself, evil, and not keep that label for the person, himself.  But I do have a tendency to look for shortcuts in referring to all this, and so I confess here and now that I do use the term, evil soul. So be it. We all know what I am referring to.  Right? For my study of soul structures, I differentiate between the [...]