Pontius Pilate

POETRY: The Face Of Pontius Pilate by J. Barrie Shepherd

March 31, 2014

From Faces at the Cross I had no business going there today; disastrous had I been recognized, although in that beggar’s robe, disheveled, dirt smeared look, I doubt anyone would have believed that I was the Roman Procurator— not even if I bellowed my name—Pilate— at the top of my lungs. On the other hand, I couldn’t stay away, had to see for my own self what kind of ending that young Jew would make of all his trials, betrayals, and buffetings. Yes, it may seem ridiculous, but I almost half believed that there would be some kind of miracle, that a deliverance would take place. No, not a rescue by his followers, they were a pathetic lot by all accounts, but rather an angelic intervention— yes, something of that sort. [...]

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: First Station — Jesus Christ Is Condemned To Death, by Evelyn Underhill

March 5, 2014

From The Path of Eternal Wisdom, written under the pseudonym, John Cordelier The Eternal Wisdom Judged by His Creatures The Eternal Wisdom, since he comes in one disguise or another before each one of us, is judged by each one of us: for in his presence it is beyond our power to remain indifferent. Where the living Christ is concerned, our very assumption of apathy is really a taking of sides.  “He that is not with me, is against me.”  Sooner or later, in one form or another, this forced option confronts us.  Our will inclines – be it ever so little – this way or that, towards the self or the non-self, the unreal or the real: and, hardly aware perhaps of the awfulness of the moment, we have delivered our verdict upon God. It [...]