Murray Bodo

PRAYER: Listening by Murray Bodo

June 5, 2014

From Song of the Sparrow The art of listening.  How hard it is to cultivate.  We seem to be able to listen to others only so long before we start talking ourselves, usually about ourselves.  It is that way with prayer, too.  The hardest part is the listening, the quiet, the patience it takes to be still and wait upon God.  We always want to start talking, and yet what more can we say beyond the words Christ gave us in the “Our Father”?  If we spent time in prayer saying the “Our Father” once and then listening for the remainder of the time we set aside for prayer, it would be one of the best disciplines possible in learning to pray.  But we are uncomfortable with silence, with waiting for the other to speak. [...]

POETRY: Springtime Of The Soul, by Murray Bodo, OFM

October 18, 2013

On clear days in early March, when the wind blows all day long, everything seems cleaner, and it’s easy to puff up your lungs and inhale spring.  There are soul days like that, too.  Something clicks inside and everything seems bright and clear again.  Then joy and gratitude rise to the lips spontaneously, and it is easy to praise God for all the lightness you feel within.  It is spring in your soul. MARCH SNOW An indignant robin Ruffles her feathers And broods darkly Over Ohio weather That surprised her With snow on her Comfortable perch. Sparrows aren’t so Indignant to snow. MARCH WIND The wind is back. Suddenly without warning It blows through the mind. Will it clear the clouds Or only chill the air and Bring a fresh [...]