POETRY: From The Second Chapter Of A Verse History Of The World, by Thomas Merton

June 21, 2013

Minotaur There was a time when the young girls of this city had to put on their pink dresses and take arms full of flowers and go up the gangplank on to a ship, and that ship carried them away to an island from which they never returned. For at that time we were ruled from the throne where Aegean Minos sat in- extricate in the midst of his house. He was the king of the monsters. Your shoes untie, your mantle you untwitch Your stocking is all runs, you gaudy bitch Sang to his muse some poet, but I don’t know which. And thus begin upon the precious page To spread the holiday feast of grief once more, To shed the policy vest of life, and wear, Unweft, unbuckled and unstrung, Starspeckled sweaters in the sun so brave Their flap flap [...]