Maundy Thursday

POETRY: Thursday, by Hannah Faith Notess

Hands harvested the grapes, and feet crushed them in the winepress. Hands held the vessel under the dark stream till the vessel ran over, sealed up the wine and carried it down to the cellar. Hands shaped the water basin on the wheel, set it to dry. Hands worked the loom that wove the towel now folded under the basin. Fingers held the needle that, hemming the towel’s edge, drew a drop of blood. Hands kneaded the unleavened dough, worked in more flour, stoked the oven coals. Hands shaped the loaves and baked them, then set the bread to cool. Hands picked and washed the bitter herbs. Hands laid the table, lit the lamps. And when supper ends and hands raise up the cup, the men will remember (though nobody will say), the hands that drew [...]