MARY MAGDALENE: Wings Of Madness, by Liz Curtis Higgs

January 26, 2015

From Mad Mary Today I felt pass over me A breath of wind from the wings of madness. Charles Baudelaire Jake didn’t see her until it was too late. A woman disguised as a bundle of rags bolted out of the Park View Pet Shop and directly into his path, nearly knocking him to the icy sidewalk.  Instead, she was the one who landed there in an awkward heap, her face crimson, her eyes averted. He bent toward her, shielding her from the bitter January wind.  “Ma’am, are you okay?  I’m sorry I –” She looked up at him, and the words froze on his lips. Lord, help me.  He was face-to-face with a madwoman. Wide, unfocused eyes lit by an unseen fire stared blankly back at him.  Dark smudges down her cheeks – [...]

MYSTICISM: Teresa of Ávila, or Love’s Madness

February 15, 2012

I have never been one to shake my fist at man and yell out, why don’t you believe in God, the almighty, the one who loves you absolutely?  To me it has always been fairly obvious – the causes of this near-to-complete divorce proceeding that our culture likes to keep in court, drawing out the litigation, airing the seemingly eternal complaints against God, the history, the agony. To me it’s simple: God is absolute; man is relative.  We are the ones, after all, who get to hear the ticking of the clock.  Who get to feel the streaking pain in our bodies.  Who get to know the shock of watching a loved one leave us. God, on the other hand, experiences nothing in terms of time.  Experiences nothing in terms of his own pain. [...]