Macrina Wiederkehr

ANGELS: A Tree Full of Angels, by Macrina Wiederkehr

December 19, 2013

From A Tree Full Of Angels My morning stroll has taken me farther than I had intended.  Sauntering up the hill, wading through the autumn leaves, I breathe in the crisp morning air.  It is just dawn.  Standing still for a moment, I see the first rays of sunlight shimmering through a silver maple tree.  It is truly a moment of wonder, resplendent with light.  I stand gazing as one in the midst of a vision.  Suddenly I am uncertain whether those golden arms swaying in the morning sunlight are tree branches or angel wings.  Such shining I find overpowering.  My wondering heart is filled with joy. And then in a twinkling I’m certain.  I am standing before a tree full of angels dazzling me with their glorious presence.  Bright [...]

POETRY: The Harvest of God — Feasting on Your Theophanies, by Macrina Wiederkehr

August 8, 2012

It was only a small wind rather gentle, like a breeze. It blew a strand of hair across my forehead and I knew that it was God. I was awakened by a tiny gleam of light it slipped through my curtain, onto my face. It drew me to my feet and on to the window Drawing back the curtains dawn stepped softly into my room. I knew that it was God. In the middle of my loneliness the phone rang. A voice I knew so well, said, “Hello, I love you.” Love stirred in my soul I knew that it was God. Rain fell gently on the thirsty ground. Slowly, carefully, steadily it came to an earth parched with waiting. Through those holy raindrops I walked, unafraid — without an umbrella. I knew that it was God. It was only a little bitterness I thought but it [...]

PRAYER: Lectio Divina by Macrina Wiederkehr

July 9, 2012

From: A Tree Full of Angels. To encourage you to make this prayer process your own, I will review for you now the Lectio Divina process that I use for my prayer.  Be as original and creative in your own process as you wish.  Let God lead you in this prayer. 1.  I begin with reading, if necessary or desired.  Ordinarily, I select a specific book of Scripture, a Gospel, or a letter.  I often use the Psalms.  I read a little each day.  Since my goal is not to get finished, it often takes several months to complete the specific work I am praying with.  There are times when the readings from the daily liturgy speak so strongly to me that I choose to use those for my Lectio.  I have no set plan that is so rigid it cannot be put aside [...]