MYSTICISM: The Fourth Letter To Blessed Agnes Of Prague by Clare of Assisi

May 1, 2015

To her who is the half of her soul and the special shrine of her heart’s deepest love, to the illustrious Queen and Bride of the Lamb, the eternal King: to the Lady Agnes, her most dear mother, and, of all the others, her favorite daughter: Clare, an unworthy servant of Christ and a useless handmaid of His handmaids in the monastery of San Damiano of Assisi: health and a prayer that she may sing a new song with the other most holy virgins before the throne of God and of the Lamb and follow the Lamb wherever He may go. O mother and daughter, spouse of the King of all ages, if I have not written to you as often as your soul and mine as well desire and long for, do not wonder or think that the fire of love for you glows less sweetly in [...]

EVELYN UNDERHILL THROUGH LENT: A Letter To A Friend — Pride by Evelyn Underhill

March 10, 2015

From The Letter of Evelyn Underhill To the alarming list of innate vices which you have managed to get together I should like to add another: Pride.  All this preoccupation with your own imperfection is not humility, but an insidious form of spiritual pride.  What do you expect to be?  A saint?  There are desperately few of them: and even they found their faults, which are the raw material of sanctity remember, take a desperate lot of working up.  You know best when and how you fall into these various pitfalls.  Try and control yourself when you see the temptation coming.  (Sometimes you will succeed, which is so much to the good.)  Pull yourself up and make an act of contrition when you catch yourself doing any of the things. [...]

PRAYER: Difficulty in Prayer, a letter from Francis de Sales

January 24, 2013

Letter to Mademoiselle de Soulfour Mlle de Soulfour, whose father was an acquaintance of Francis de Sales through the “Cercle Acarie,” was a novice in a religious community in Paris at the time Francis wrote her the following letter.  Young, fervent, with high ideals of perfection, she had difficulty in accepting human frailty in herself and in the nuns with whom she lived.  She had confided her disillusionment and uncertainties to Francis and told him of her wish to enter the more strict Carmelite Order. While respecting her youthful idealism and her desire for the absolute, Francis directs the troubled young woman to a more realistic appreciation of her own limitations and the imperfections of others, and to greater trust in [...]

LETTER: God Alone by John of the Cross

February 3, 2012

14 April 1589 To a religious, his penitent, The peace of Jesus Christ, son, be ever in your soul.  I received your reverence’s letter, in which you tell me of the great desires that our lord gives you to occupy your will with him alone, and to love him above all things, and in which you ask me to give you a few directions as to how you may achieve this. I rejoice that God has given you such holy desires and I shall rejoice much more at your putting them into execution.  To this end you should notice that all pleasures, joy, and affections are ever caused in the soul by the will and desire for things which appear to you good, fitting, and delectable, since the soul considers these to be pleasing and precious; and in this way the [...]