PERSECUTION: Iraqi Nun Experiences The Power Of Prayer, by Janelle P

October 20, 2015

From the website Open Doors Surrounded by chaos, hunted by IS, and with every security taken from her, Sister Hayat (30) fell on her knees, praying for God to guide her. He answered. Now, she leads a prayer movement among Iraqi refugees and is an inspiration to many. Her face tells the story, deeply marked with the fatigue of living as a refugee. Tears slip down her cheeks as she recalls how IS forced her to leave the monastery where she had dedicated her life to God 14 years earlier. But when she speaks about God answering her prayers and using her to care for displaced youth, her expression transforms and determination replaces the tears in her dark eyes. Until last year, Sister Hayat was living a sheltered, spiritual life in a [...]

SATURDAY READING: Worshiping The Prince Of Peace, or Preemptive War?, by Jimmy Carter

April 18, 2015

From Our Endangered Values For months after the terrible terrorist attack in 2001, the American people were inundated almost daily with claims from top government officials that we faced a devastating threat from Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or from large and well-organized cadres of terrorists hiding in our country.  But as was emphasized vigorously by foreign allies and key members of our own intelligence services, there was never any existing danger to the United States from Baghdad.  It was obvious that with the U.N. sanctions, intense weapons inspections, and overwhelming American military superiority, any belligerent move by Saddam Hussein against a neighbor, an overt display of a weapon of mass destruction, or sharing [...]