POETRY: Christmas In India by Rudyard Kipling

January 2, 2018

Dim dawn behind the tamerisks—the sky is saffron-yellow— As the women in the village grind the corn, And the parrots seek the riverside, each calling to his fellow That the Day, the staring Easter Day, is born. O the white dust on the highway! O the stenches in the byway! O the clammy fog that hovers over earth! And at Home they’re making merry ‘neath the white and scarlet berry— What part have India’s exiles in their mirth? Full day behind the tamarisks—the sky is blue and staring— As the cattle crawl afield beneath the yoke, And they bear One o’er the field-path, who is past all hope or caring, To the ghat below the curling wreaths of smoke. Call on Rama, going slowly, as ye bear a brother lowly— Call [...]

PRAYER: Prayer Of Confession, 19th Century India

October 16, 2017

Like the bounding stag I have sought sensual pleasures and fallen into the lake. I am the greatest sinner among sinners, unwilling to part with even a grain of rice to the noisy crow. Like the fly buzzing about without any rest, I seek. O, Father, tell me what to do that I may not die without your grace, and grant me your grace to support me. Like the bull bearing heavy burdens, I have toiled carrying the load of my own grief. Not knowing anything, I have roamed like the unclean animal feeding upon the refuse of the streets. I am lower than the dog, which tires itself out with barking in utter thoughtlessness. Holy Father, what can I do to obtain your grace to support me in my distress? I have taken pride in regarding my darkness as light [...]

SATURDAY READING: Eucharist As An Alternative Space To The Globalization Of Media by Joshva Raja

December 5, 2015

From The Edge of God A Story of a Eucharist Manjolai is a small tea estate, owned by a group of shareholders under the name of Bombay Burma Trading Corporation.  It has seven estates with more than 2,000 full-time workers.  The majority of the laborers are from Dalit communities.  I worked in this place as a priest in 1994 and 1995.  During my ministry there I experimented in a project for the Church of South India (CSI) synod named a “Laborer’s awareness project.”  Interestingly, the church became the center of the community and the priest was seen as a labor union representative.  As I ran this project, I could mediate between the company managers and laborers.  Very often during and after the Holy Communion [...]


May 29, 2012

It was during the time when I thought I was “free” of God.  I had had a call vision when I was seventeen (see Call and Response).  But, having wanted to be “normal” all my life, when my call came, I said, no.  Not even no, thank you.  Just, no. And then I skipped off into the world and was normal. Yeah, right. It was during this time of “freedom,” that I spent my every spare minute studying, well, God.  But it was from a my point-of-reference, not from an active and ongoing relationship with him.  I don’t know if feeling in charge of the search myself made me feel somehow safer in the world, or as a young woman, it made me feel in charge of my own life, like every young person wants. I [...]