Holy Priest of Ars

PRAYER: Novena To Saint John Vianney — Dispeller of Satan

October 19, 2015

O Saint John Vianney, Holy Priest of Ars, the infamous attacks of the devil which you had to suffer and the trials which disheartened you by fatigue would not make you give up the sublime task of converting souls. The devil came to you for many years to disturb your short rest but you won because of mortification and prayers. Powerful protector, you know the temptor’s desire to harm all baptized and believing souls He would have us sin, by rejecting the Holy Sacraments and the life of virtue. But good Saint of Ars dispel from us all traces of the enemy. Holy Priest of Ars, I have confidence in your intercession. Pray for us during this novena, especially for a lifting of the shadow that darkens our land. [...]