Gary Snyder

POETRY: Covers the Ground by Gary Snyder

November 3, 2018

When California was wild, it was one sweet bee-garden…. (John Muir) Down the Great Central valley’s blossoming almond orchard acres lines of tree-trunks shoot a glance through as the rows flash by— And the ground is covered with cement culverts standing on end, house-high & six feet wide culvert after culvert far as you can see covered with mobile homes, pint size portable housing, johnny-on-the-spots, concrete freeway, overpass, underpass, exit floreals, entrance curtsies, railroad bridge, long straight miles of divider oleanders; scrappy ratty grass and thistle, tumbled barn, another age, yards of tractors, combines lined up— new bright-painted units down at one end, old stuff broke and smashed down at the other, [...]

POETRY: Spel Against Demons, by Gary Snyder

September 25, 2013

The release of Demonic Energies in the name of the people must cease Messing with blood sacrifice in the name of Nature must cease The stifling self-indulgence in anger in the name of Freedom must cease this is death to clarity death to compassion the man who has the soul of the wolf knows the self-restraint of the wolf aimless executions and slaughterings are not the work of wolves and eagles but the work of hysterical sheep The Demonic must be devoured! Self-serving must be cut down Anger must be plowed back Fearlessness, humor, detachment, is power Gnowledge is the secret of Transformation! Down with demonic killers who mouth revolutionary slogans and muddy the flow of change, may they be Bound by the Noose, and Instructed by the [...]