evening prayer

POETRY: Evening Prayer by Louis Glück

June 24, 2017

I believe my sin to be entirely common: the request for help Masking request for favor and the plea for pity thinly veiling complaint. So little at peace in the spring evening, I pray for strength, for direction, but I also ask to survive my illness (the immediate one)—never mind anything in the future. I make this a special point, this unconcern for the future, also the courage I will have acquired by then to meet my suffering alone but with heightened fortitude. Tonight, in my unhappiness, I wonder what qualities this presumes in the one who listens. And as the breeze stirs the leaves of the little birch tree, I construct a presence wholly skeptical and wholly tender, thus incapable of surprise. I believe my sin is common, therefore [...]

POETRY: Evening Prayer by Scott Cairns

March 27, 2017

And what would you pray in the troubled midst of this our circular confusion save that the cup be taken away? That the chill and welling of the blood might suffer by His hushed mercy to abate, to calm the legion dumb anxieties as each now clamors to be known and named? The road has taken on, of late, the mute appearance of a grief whose leaden gravity both insists on speed and slows the pilgrim’s progress to a crawl. At least he’s found his knees. I bear a dim suspicion that this circumstance will hold unyielding hegemony until the day. What would you pray at the approach of this late evening? What ask? And of [...]

POETRY: Evening Prayer (Psalm 140, 141), by Thomas Merton

September 28, 2012

Lord, receive my prayer Sweet as incense smoke Rising from my heart Full of care I lift up my hands In evening sacrifice Lord, receive my prayer. When I meet the man On my way When he starts to curse And threatens me, Lord, guard my lips I will not reply Guide my steps in the night As I go my way. Maybe he belongs To some other Lord Who is not so wise and good Maybe that is why those bones Lie scattered on his road. When I look to right and left No one cares to know Who I am, where I go. Hear my prayer I will trust in you If they set their traps On my way If they aim their guns at me You will guide my steps I will pass them by In the dark They will never see. Lord, to you I raise Wide and bright Faith-filled eyes In the night You are my [...]

PRAYER: Evening Prayer by Jane Austen

January 31, 2012

Father of Heaven, whose goodness has brought me in safety to the close of this day, dispose my heart in fervent prayer.  Another day is now gone and added to those for which I was already accountable.  Teach me, Almighty Father, to consider this solemn truth, as I should do, that I may feel the importance of every day and every hour as it passes, and earnestly strive to make a better use of what your goodness may yet bestow on me than I have done of the time past. Give me grace to endeavor after a truly Christian spirit to seek to attain that temper of forbearance and patience of which my blessed savior has set me the highest example, and which, while it prepares me for the spiritual happiness of the life to come, will secure the best [...]