CHASTITY: The Outer Senses (Part II) From the Ancrene Riwle

April 24, 2015

Author unknown Here begins the second part, of the defense of the heart by the five senses. Omnia custodia serva tuum quia ex ipso vita procedit (Proverbs 4:2-3).  “Protect your heart well with every kind of defense, daughter,” says Solomon, “for if she is well locked away, the soul’s life is in her.”  The heart’s guardians are the five senses, sight and hearing, tasting, and smelling, and the feeling in every part.  And we must speak of all of them, for whoever protects these well does as Solomon commands: protects well their heart and their soul’s health.  The heart is a most wild beast and makes many a light leap out.  As St. Gregory says, Nihil cordefugiatus, “nothing flies out [...]

EVELYN UNDERHILL THROUGH LENT: The Three Counsels Considered by Evelyn Underhill

February 21, 2015

From The Fruits of the Spirit First, think of Poverty.  Even outward Poverty, a hard and simple life, the dropping for love’s sake of the many things we feel we “must have” is a great help in the way of the Spirit.  Far more precious is that inward Poverty of which it is the sacrament; which frees us from possessions and possessiveness and does away with the clutch of “the I, the Me, and the Mine” upon our souls.  We can all strive for this internal grace, this attitude of soul, and it is a very important part of the life of prayer.  The Holy Spirit is called the Giver of Gifts and the Father of the Poor; but His cherishing action is only really felt by those who acknowledge their own deep poverty – [...]

EVELYN UNDERHILL THROUGH LENT: The Three Counsels by Evelyn Underhill

February 20, 2015

From The Fruits of the Spirit Each person’s discipline, of course, will be different because what God wants from each of us is different.  Some are called to an active and some to a passive life, some to very homely and some to hard and sacrificial careers, some to quiet suffering.  Only the broad lines will be alike.  But no discipline will be any use to us unless we keep in mind the reason why we are doing this – for the glory of God, and not just for the sake of our own self-improvement or other self-regarding purpose.  Our object is to be what God wants of us, not what we want of Him.  So all that we do must be grounded in worship.  First lift up our eyes to the hills, then turn to our own potato field and lightly fork [...]