Carol Penner

POETRY: The Innkeeper: An Epiphany Poem by Carol Penner

January 24, 2018

They were grateful lodgers, considering the humble accommodations. We did the best we could, the place full up, our stable the last corner we had. Mary, who had a baby coming, wanting only peace and privacy, was happy with anything. It was a birth like any other, the mother spent, the baby crying, the father bewildered. I gave her swaddling clothes, the ones my Daniel used. Daniel was on my hip as I gave them, and he wanted down, and toddled over to the baby, leaning close, patting his face. We all laughed. They stayed a couple of weeks, we had no trouble with them. Some shepherds came to visit, the night that bright star had us all out and staring. Then there were those foreign fellows, I don’t know how they knew them… but they [...]