Cain and Abel

FALLEN ANGELS: The Creation of the World and Other Business, Act III by Arthur Miller

October 12, 2013

Third: When every man wants justice, why does he go on creating injustice? God sits watching the sleeping Adam and his family.  They have built a crude shelter and there is evidence that they have learned to cook their food.  God is unhappy because apparently his people have forgotten him, scarcely ever mentioning or thinking about, let alone praising, their creator.  God orders Azrael to blow visions of death into the minds of the sleeping family, so that in their fear they may turn to thoughts of God. God departs and Lucifer enters.  He sees how content Eve has become with her life; he fears that “they’ll turn the whole Earth into this smug suburb of Heaven!”  Cain is jealous of Abel, Lucifer knows, and when he [...]