Billy Graham

SERMON: The Prodigal Son by Billy Graham

December 2, 2012

Now tonight, let’s turn to the 15th chapter of Luke.  I’m not going to read the passage because it’s too long, but it is a familiar story that all of us have read and heard since childhood.  It is called, “The Story of the Prodigal Son.”  That’s what we call it.  There are many ways we could term this passage from Luke’s Gospel.  It could be called, “The Story of the Loving Father.”  It could be called, “The Story of the Church Member Without Christ,” because that is exactly what the elder brother was. But tonight I want to dwell on the story of this boy because he was a rebel.  He rebelled against his father.  And you know what I read the other day?  That over two thousand young people who run away from home [...]