POETRY: The Temptation Of St. Joseph by W. H. Auden

December 17, 2014

From For the Time Being I JOSEPH My shoes were shined, my pants were cleaned and pressed, And I was hurrying to meet My own true Love: But a great crowd grew and grew Till I could not push my way through, Because A star had fallen down the street; When they saw who I was, The police tried to do their best. CHORUS [off] Joseph, you have heard What Mary says occurred; Yes, it may be so. Is it likely? No. JOSEPH The bar was gay, the lighting well-designed, And I was sitting down to wait My own true Love: A voice I’d heard before, I think, Cried: “This is on the House. I drink To him Who does not know it is too late;” When I asked for the time, Everyone was very kind. CHORUS [off] Mary may be pure, But, Joseph, are you [...]