Alden Nowlan

POETRY: He Sits Down On The Floor Of A School For The Retarded by Alden Nowlan

December 10, 2014

I sit down on the floor of a school for the retarded, a writer of magazine articles accompanying a band that was met at the door by a child in a man’s body who asked them, “Are you the surprise they promised us?” It’s Ryan’s Fancy, Dermot on guitar, Fergus on banjo, Denis on penny-whistle. In the eyes of this audience, they’re everybody who has ever appeared on TV. I’ve been telling lies to a boy who cried because his favorite detective hadn’t come with us; I said he had sent his love and, no, I didn’t think he’d mind if I signed his name to a scrap of paper: when the boy took it, he said, “Nobody will ever get this away from me,” in the voice, more hopeless than [...]