Easter Stories

EASTER STORY: The Death Of The Lizard, by C. S. Lewis

May 13, 2017

From: The Great Divorce: A Dream I saw coming towards us a Ghost who carried something on his shoulder.  Like all Ghosts, he was unsubstantial, but they differed from one another as smokes differ.  Some had been whitish; this one was dark and oily.  What sat on his shoulder was a little red lizard, and it was twitching its tail like a whip and whispering things in his ear.  As we caught sight of him, he turned his head to the reptile with a snarl of impatience.  Shut up, I tell you! he said.  It wagged its tail and continued to whisper to him.  He ceased snarling, and presently began to smile.  Then he fumed and started to limp westward, away from the mountains. Off so soon? said a voice. The speaker was more or less human in shape [...]

EASTER STORY: Easter Under A Park Bench, by Kirk Wareham

May 6, 2017

From: Easter Stories Looks like I’m always getting into trouble for something.  Seems like maybe I get into more trouble than all the rest of the boys in Bigelow put together.  Funny thing is, I try so hard not to, and the harder I try the worse it gets.  Just can’t make it out.  Lucky for me Dad seems to understand this kind of thing pretty well; seems like maybe he wasn’t exactly a cherub when he was a boy. I’m sitting with Ben Chapman on the school bus, heading down Highway 15.  Last day of school before Easter holidays.  Can’t hardly wait to put away the books; spring is ready to burst out all over and school’s no place to be when that happens, as any boy knows. We’re just coming into [...]

EASTER STORY: Robin Redbreast, by Selma Lagerlöf

April 29, 2017

From Christ Legends It happened at the time when our Lord created the world, when he made not only Heaven and Earth, but all the animals and the plants as well, and at the same time gave them their names. Many stories have come to us from that time, and if we knew them all we should have light upon everything in this world which we cannot comprehend. It happened one day, when our Lord sat in his paradise painting little birds, that the colors in his paint pot gave out.  The goldfinch would have been without color if our Lord had not wiped all his paint brushes on its feathers. It was then that the donkey got his long ears because he could not remember the name that had been given him.  No sooner had he taken a few steps over the meadows [...]

EASTER STORY: The Church Of The Washing Of The Feet, by Alan Paton

April 22, 2017

From Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful The Reverend Isaiah Buti, pastor of the Holy Chuch of Zion in Bochabela, entered the room of the acting chief justice, if not with awe, then certainly with deference.  And certainly with respect too, for not only did Judge Olivier occupy one of the highest seats in the land, but he was held in high esteem by the black people of Bloemfontein.  Was he not the man who had tried to prevent Parliament from removing colored voters from the common roll? The room was the biggest Mr. Buti had seen in his life.  The table was also the biggest he had seen, and behind it was a grand carved chair, and behind the chair, portraits of those who had been chief justices of the Union of South Africa.  And now from the [...]

EASTER STORY: How Donkeys Got The Spirit Of Contradiction, by André Trocmé

March 11, 2017

From: Angels and Donkeys A Story About Saving Children, and the Courage It Takes to Go Against Social Conventions and Expectations Until the birth of Jesus, donkeys were like anyone else; that is, just like human beings.  I mean just like grown-up human beings, not like children.  Children have always had the Spirit of Contradiction.  But donkeys used to be docile, just like grown-ups today. Here is how things changed. In Bethlehem at the entrance of the town lived a Samaritan.  He was a good man.  He tried as much as possible to help people forget he was a Samaritan.  He thought, spoke, and dressed just like anyone else.  He was a conformist. Everyone respects social conventions.  Each of us likes to welcome our guests into a [...]

EASTER STORY: The White Lily, by Jane Tyson Clement

March 4, 2017

Once long ago, near a village far away, there lived an old peasant known as Ivan.  He had a little hut, a small garden, a dog named Rubles, and a six-year-old nephew, Peter, who was an orphan.  Ivan was not a bad man, as he did not murder, did not steal, told no lies, and did not meddle in other people’s business.  But on the other hand he couldn’t be called a good man either.  He was cross and dirty.  He seldom spoke, and then only grudgingly and unpleasantly.  He paid no attention to his neighbors, never showed them kindness, and refused any small courtesy or friendliness they offered him.  Eventually they paid no attention to him either and let him go his own way.  As for Rubles the dog, he was afraid of his master [...]