Spiritual Warfare

UNITY: Spiritual Warfare, or, The reason the church was created in the first place

February 12, 2018

Let us begin with an exercise in imagination. I want you to picture a pie chart. At first, when you look at it, it looks like it is all one color. Let’s say, white. But as you study it, even use a magnifying glass on it, you are able to see one very fine, black line. As you pull away from the chart, the black line blends into all the white. This is the pie chart of sin. The white represents sins for which a person can atone, ask for forgiveness, and receive it. That very fine, black line represents the one sin for which a person cannot atone or receive forgiveness. One sin. So if the overwhelming majority of sins can be forgiven, why do so many churches spend so much time on justifying judgment and condemnation? One of the very [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Finding Reality In God

December 10, 2017

It was a long battle. Eight years in the fray.  And so many more in recovery. I was very aware that my marriage was an assignment from God.  I even verified that before the wedding took place. As it went on, I found I was being trained: lessons specific for handling what was before me that I rigorously worked to learn and apply. One lesson I was being taught – this was fresh knowledge for me – was about binding a soul.  This binding works to lessen the negative effect that an evil person can have on the world. This was something very new to me. Over the years of the battle I watched as my binding would take effect, then watch some more how, in time, the binding would ease and slip off.  And the rancid behavior, calmed for a time, [...]


January 15, 2017

I am angry.  Very angry. Well, at least I was. I came to a boil when I read the words that generally said in an article on deliverance that fighting Satan is no harder than taking out the garbage. That it’s merely something you might not want to do, but it’s your responsibility, so go for it. Oh, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.  Because you know, Jesus something or other. The man who was nailed to a cross to bleed to death because of evil has your back. You know. So forget about it. On the evening of the day that I read this – I won’t stoop to calling it nonsense – I heard the same statement made in a lecture. It must be in the air. Nothing frightening about Satan.  Oh, no.  He’s a peach.  A [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Critical Conditions

October 14, 2016

I had the grace a few weeks ago of being introduced to an agency that works to save slaves around the world.  That’s not the only work that this agency does.  They help women whose families try to seize their land after the death of their husbands.  They stop sex traffickers. And after they save the people from violence, they provide them with safe houses where they can heal from all their wounds. So faced with being asked to pray for the International Justice Mission, I looked at my schedule, scratched my head, and wondered where I would “fit” them in.  And I saw that I could rearrange my noon prayers to make room.  Normally, I would read the noonday prayers, supplemented with a little “outside” reading, [...]


October 8, 2016

Or Orthodoxy. In the church. This is a true story.  That I watched happened.  Up-close and personal, as they say. It’s the story of a church that was beset. The head of this church thought what was besetting it was church warfare. But it wasn’t. Because this particular church was actually at war with itself. And it lost the battle.  With itself. Let me explain. For every person who has ever walked this Earth, there is a soul.  A distinct soul.  A soul with its own song.  Its own point-of-view.  Its own way of seeing God.  Or not seeing God. Now souls of a certain kind tend to flock together.  It’s why there are different religions. Each are always much, much better than the others. Period. This is the only area [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Lucifer—Soulless Evil

August 19, 2016

I’ve always thought of myself as the weirdest person on Earth. One of the reasons for that is how, when I began the study of evil from its soul-structure point-of-view, one of the first things I wondered was, If evil has to do with the soul, and Lucifer doesn’t have a soul because he’s an angel, is he really evil?  And if he is, what kind of evil is it? This question has been like a slowly drip of water at the very back of my brain ever since. In fact, whenever faced with another lesson on evil, I wondered where Lucifer was. Reading about Lucifer never helped me. Pride. Fall. Battle. Hell. Is one who battles God by definition evil? Isn’t evil something that affects human on Earth? If evil is only in the realm of [...]


July 29, 2016

It wasn’t anything I ever expected to find in my visions. It started out fairly normally.  I kept being shown that there was a great concern in the world.  A lot of people had the same prayer on their hearts. So I looked into it. I found someone who was passionate for this matter. And had written a number of prayers and posted them online. Probably I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help it.  I read the prayers and was horrified. So, being a former editor, I ripped them apart and sent the author my insights. Why pray for understanding when what is needed is food and shelter?  You see, I can almost claim the world’s championship trophy in understanding. But all the understanding in the world doesn’t do squat [...]


November 24, 2015

My mind is a funny thing.  Sometimes watching it do its thing, I’m amused. Sometimes I am amazed.  Sometimes I am horrified. Lately, though, as it has been doing its thing, I’ve been impressed. Something it does best is sort.  Categorize.  Order. When I was young I used to have a recurring thought that were I God, this universe would be better ordered.  Too much chaos all the time all over the place. Let’s get it cleaned up.  Everything in its place. Right.  No chance of that. But I always have my thoughts that I can play with.  And play with them, I do. All of a sudden, one day, my categorization of evil expanded, revealing different aspects of the evils.  And even to approaches to them. Distinct. Neat. [...]


October 9, 2014

I never saw it coming. I never even imagined it could happen to me. The first thing it taught me was that all while I was thinking I was so clever staying under my “target’s” radar, finding access to his soul to bind it, to keep him from harming others any longer, I could drop enough of my own defenses in the fray, leaving a blind side, and be bound myself. My soul was bound. I don’t know what the experience of this is on an evil soul, how the person feels once its accomplished, but, for me, it felt like I was being choked.  Bodily choked. Choked.  Chained.  Fastened to the floor. It was the stark contrast to my normal operating sensations that really got me. In warfare, or in flight, as I like to call it, my [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: The Confounding Nature Of God’s Battle On Earth

June 24, 2014

In the middle, or so, of an extensive battle, my mind, searching for some respite, a raft in the sea of chaos, began to map out the design of it all.  And even back then I was touched by it.  Moved by the grace in the beauty of a mosaic that, to me anyway, shouldn’t have been there. The mapping continued over the number of battles that followed the first. Man’s warfare is about devastation with mere glimpses of grace here and there. God’s warfare is about grace with the impression of devastation here and there. In a way, perhaps, they share a similar goal: to make over what is before the soldier. I actually began a book based on my notes: (1) the 12 stages or weapons of spiritual warfare; (2) the swords of God; (3) [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Handling Demons, or, The Art of the Broom

December 6, 2013

I’ve spent my life straddling two worlds.  And, to be honest, it has, on the whole, been annoying.  Really, really annoying. Working with God all these years has sharpened that expression of my brain that loves exactness.  I was an editor until I realized that I could never stop editing.  I would edit roadside signs.  I would edit menus.  I would edit pretty much everything coming out of anyone’s mouth. So I stopped being an editor. But with God, in some ways, I get to continue being an editor.  Because what I learn from him always has an exact edge.  It is precise. It is absolute. Hard, like a rock.  Solid. But with people, it’s always about mushing things together.  It’s OK to just think this about that, [...]


September 24, 2013

It was a few months ago, now, when I was asked, When you talk of binding souls, is that the same as in scripture: what is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven, what is loosed on Earth is loosed in Heaven? And the truth is, my answer is, I don’t really know. I’ll assume so.  I’ll assume so because my visions either originate or wind up being validated by scripture.  Then reality.  The two have to be there for me to “sign off” on a vision as “real.” But there it was one day.  My first assignment to bind a soul. My reaction, my usual for new (and seemingly bizarre) things, was a shrug, and the thought, Oh, for Heaven’s sake! What ridiculousness was I looking at now? My first binding It was, [...]

APOCALYPSE: The Time Of Rain

August 29, 2013

I keep saying to myself, it’s that time again. But I pull myself up short and make myself repeat it without the “again;” just,  it’s that time. I’m trying hard to leave out the again. Why? Because I keep getting the vision, It is serious now. Not that any period of visions has not been serious.  At least not for me.  They are always serious.  Sometimes much too serious. But I feel like I understand this reference to serious.  Even though I am one-hundred percent wrong about thinking I understand what God is saying at the beginning of any time of vision, this time (yes, this time, as opposed to all those other times), I think I understand. To be honest, for once, I don’t want to understand. I [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Elements In Heaven’s Battle

November 2, 2012

Silence One of the strongest weapons that we carry with us in the face of chaos and evil is our ability to not respond.  Outwardly, anyway.  In my training for spiritual warfare, though I’m not quite clear how I was to distinguish the training from the actual warfare, it was made quite clear that what our enemy seeks is signs of our weakness.  It is their glory, in fact. Ah, he says, you cry out in pain!  You suffer because I caused you to suffer. Silence is our heroic stance of refusing to admit what is happening inside us.  It is the expression of ultimate courage to not let the enemy hear the sound of our anguish. The Dance In the midst of my training, I was taught this lesson: Question: How do you dance with the Great Bear [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Angels In The Desert, Goats In The Thorns — A Tribute to The Falls Church, Anglican

August 24, 2012

In spiritual warfare there is no winning. That is because in spiritual warfare there is no losing. In God, in the Absolute that is God, nothing can be lost in All That Is. As someone once asserted, Einstein, was it?, it’s all a matter of energy changing form. Nothing gained. Nothing lost. So those who now crow at their perceived victory aren’t singing the praises of God.  Instead they are just proving to the world that they know very little, if anything, about God. There is no true spirit in this victory.  It was a spiritless struggle that resulted in a spiritless gain.  And any self-aggrandizement that is expressed concerning this perceived victory is spiritless. There is no God in any of it. I read a few words the other [...]

SPIRITUAL WARFARE: The Way of Ultimate Grace

May 1, 2012

There was a time, I was still a fairly young woman then, when I somehow looked back over all the various visions that I had had.  I don’t know what spurred me on to do this or what my intention was exactly.  It was as if I raised myself up off of the road of life I was on and completely turned myself around.  Just to have a look at what was behind me. Oddly, the individual visions in themselves seemed small, smaller than I remembered them being, certainly.  As I looked them over, they appeared to all come together, like pieces of a quilt.  Finally they lay there, all fitted together as though this was their intention all along. And, for once, I “got” the gist of them all.  For a brief moment, I could feel the energy [...]


January 16, 2012

1 Corinthians 13:4-7: Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. There are, of course, many expressions of love.  In the context of this post, however, I am addressing the phenomenon as love as a weapon in spiritual warfare. I have been tinkering with a definition of spiritual warfare for a while now, and so, for today, my definition is this: Spiritual warfare is the means and methods we use to convert evil into good. Weapons of spiritual warfare are, in short, those [...]


December 29, 2011

Spiritual warfare is a very serious subject, perhaps the most serious of all subjects.  Clearly some religions equate spiritual warfare with hand-to-hand combat, bombing raids, and other acts of violence.  To most of the world, warfare is warfare.  Period.  Some Christians think it right to bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors. But, in truth, spiritual warfare has absolutely nothing to do with violence. Beginning my approach to spiritual warfare with the crucifixion of Jesus is, admittedly, a very, very tough place to begin.  This should most probably be the last lesson on spiritual warfare, but there would be so many lessons before this one that it might be years before I got to it, and there is so much going on in some churches [...]