THE EARTH: The Nature Of Dirt

August 12, 2018

It’s funny how the length of time that I have been studying God (62 years) has shaped my mind.  Like water shapes the stone as it runs through the canyon.  A new way, I guess you could say. So as I type up these writings about dirt and soil, on cleanliness, on health, my mind drifts into its own paths of knowledge. And, for me, the concept of dirt really belongs inside our bodies, so to speak.  In our souls. I see a soul as being like a terrarium, when you take a glass container usually used for fish and plant a little garden in it. If we all allowed ourselves to let this metaphor sink in – really sink in – we would have a better time with our lives. This is because one of our greatest barriers in life – barriers to [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Islam, ISIS, And The Confusion That Lies Therein

April 21, 2017

This is not going to go well. That’s my prediction anyway. But I hereby restate my primary assertion about spiritual warfare: If you don’t know what you are dealing with, you don’t know how to address the problem. It’s as simple as that. A doctor is going to be much more effective with his patient if he already knows both what the disease is and what the best methods are to treat it. Otherwise he is swinging about in the dark. Which pretty much sums my opinion of most writing about spiritual warfare. In my humble opinion. Well, maybe not so humble. So let’s begin. I began studying the Muslim soul structure around about the time that Princess Diana died.  I remember this because I found the soul-structure [...]

HEALING: The Gentle Soul

June 29, 2015

I’m at that stage in life now where everything is defined by how long ago it happened.  A few things happened a few days ago.  But most, especially things involving God, have much longer measuring sticks.  Months don’t even have that much meaning for me any more.  Everything peeps through a gauze of decades ago.  I realize I have no real use for the term, fortnight.  And the word, age, though I love how it feels, seems too much of an exaggeration. I am constantly wanting to stretch out my arm and pull things closer.  As though my far-sightedness is being challenged by my age.  Even my spiritual far-sightedness.  Or perhaps I’m just getting lazy.  Why strain?  Why work to make everything precise and clear? [...]


July 24, 2014

White hats go with the good guys. Black hats go with the bad buys. Even I know that. Except, in truth, I don’t. While we assign only good qualities to the light and bad qualities to the dark, with the soul, there are no real values assigned.  To anything. We like to think of God bringing us the light into our lives.  But God has his finger in the darkness of our lives, too. And Jesus.  The lightbearer.  Holiness.  A really long, ahhhhhhhh.  The halo. Light is good. But Jesus descended into hell.  And during that trip he had to resurrect himself.  Some challenge.  In the unseen world, he had to create a miracle. What a guy. So how can the unseen world be so bad (even if it is dark), if that is where Jesus performed the [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Evil And Asceticism

July 15, 2014

Balancing the costs of being a mystic, there are the benefits.  A most unusual approach to understanding reality is one. For every seen definition of life, there are unseen definitions.  Corners around which reveal if not a completely different reality, than, at the very least, a distinct lens through which to look at it. It’s a way of thought that most often supplies reasons.  As though God, for the most part, keeps the mechanics of his creation well hidden under the skin of the truth of the matter.  Why he does this is perhaps a study for another mystic. And I will admit to wondering if knowing some of these hidden natures of things would change the world in any way. Can’t imagine. Anyway. There [...]

THE DARK NIGHT: Blinding The Soul

May 22, 2014

I regret the day that a psychologist first got a hold of the term, Dark Night of the Soul, and ran with it.  Because, as with all the other experiences that it touches, psychology makes the phenomenon of the dark night relative.  Relative to what makes a person depressed.  Relative to what makes a person not want to get out of bed.  Relative to what makes a person feel unloved. Relative to other human beings, that is.  And only to other human beings. And the fact of the matter is, the dark night of the soul is in no way relative to human maneuverings.  We, as humans, may experience it, and other humans may serve as a trigger to it, but it is a term devised by a mystic and it refers to a mystical explosion in the soul. An explosion [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Soullessness, or the importance of hymnody

March 20, 2014

Perhaps from the very minute that man found his way to the concept of the soul the argument began: can man have no soul?  And I will dare to say that universally the answer is an emphatic, NO! So I have no qualms about standing atop my own little mountain here and asserting: yes, there are human beings with no soul. I suppose it all depends on how you define the soul. Generally, I “look” at the soul as a container of sorts, a hard and fixed container, if virtual. But, in order to explain my position, I could twist this a bit in order to make a point. The soul’s purpose is to give a “place” in which we can keep our God-energy, the light from Heaven.  It’s our spiritual gas tank.  It holds what we [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: A Couple Of Odd And Evil (or not) Types of Soul

October 15, 2013

I remember when I started the study of soul structure, and how there were a number, mostly, if not all, evil souls thrown across my path.  I grasped what was going on (I’m usually well prepared for these things), and started to take mental notes on what I was being asked to study. There were a bunch, I could swear there were a bunch, of odd soul structures that were thrown in with the “big” guys: the antiChrist, Satan, and the devil (although that was not so much a study of structure as it was a study in the character of the devil’s soul). Anyway. Now I wish I could remember what the others were in the bunch of “odd” evil soul structure during that study.  (Yes, I’m often told to write things [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Let’s Talk Evil (includes a diagram of hell)

March 5, 2013

Well, it is Lent, after all.  The time to take a most serious look at all things spiritual.  And the more I think about it, the more I believe that the lack of understanding about the soul that permeates the world is one reason why so many people do not heal after trauma and other severe life experiences. In fact, I am becoming so serious about this in my thoughts that I actually want to develop a method of healing souls.  But perhaps more on that later. The bottom-line fact of the matter, for me anyway, is that evil is all about stealing soul energy.   Our souls contain energy.  We are born with it (as in seeing the shine of a newborn).  We develop it through our experiences and efforts such as forgiveness and compassion.  And [...]


August 17, 2012

In God, there is always the seen and the unseen. The front and the back, as it were. The unseen side of a blessing (which is seen) could very well be a swift kick in the pants from God.  OK, you wanted this, now get it together and take good care of it. Whatever it is. We even joke about this conundrum: Be careful what you wish for, for you may just get it. It isn’t necessarily giving everything the aspects of good and bad.  But in soul structures, there are good, normal souls, with not that much variation, and evil souls — or structures in the place of where souls should be. The dark side is very much a term that can be applied these types of unsouls. On the very, very plus side of soul structure there is the Holy Trinity, who, [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: Satan’s Soul, and the process of welcoming back possessed souls

January 10, 2012

For the most part, normal, everyday souls, the souls of good, God-fearing people are pretty much alike.  There are some variations, to be sure, but for these variations, it’s like comparing a duck with a swan.  Different, but essentially the same.  You get the idea. But the meat, I have found, in the study of soul structure lies with the souls of evil people.  I’m not sure it is accurate to call a soul, itself, evil, and not keep that label for the person, himself.  But I do have a tendency to look for shortcuts in referring to all this, and so I confess here and now that I do use the term, evil soul. So be it. We all know what I am referring to.  Right? For my study of soul structures, I differentiate between the [...]

SOUL STRUCTURE: The Quality Of Innocence

December 9, 2011

It is an interesting occurrence when people declare that they don’t believe in souls.  We can’t see them, after all, so how do we know they are there?  Well, I can’t see your thoughts or feelings either, so do I have the choice of believing that they exist because they are unseen? Our souls are the vessels into which God pours his energy and grace.  We carry God within us whether we want to or not, whether we are aware of it or not, or even whether we let it change us or not. I will deal with the actual structure of souls in later posts.  There is one thing that nearly always overwhelms me about Christianity.  It is what separates us from all other religions.  It is the quality of innocence that Jesus brought into the world. [...]