MIRACLES: Knocking On Heaven’s Door, or The Stretch

July 8, 2018

I don’t write about miracles that often.  I suppose that is because finding words to describe the depth of transcendence involved in a miracle is a strain, even for me. I have defined a miracle though: a stepping out of time to ensure the outcome. What this is is a comparison with ordinary prayers.  And I’m realizing that I can write about miracles a bit by comparing them to ordinary prayers. An ordinary prayer, a petition of some kind to God, involves three elements: God, the pray-er, and time. All three of these elements must align in order for a prayer to be answered.  The person making the petition must be aligned within himself (that is, his thoughts, feelings, and actions must all agree with the petition).  God, of [...]

MIRACLES: The REAL Problem With Miracles

January 7, 2014

I have to come out and admit that, with reference to miracles, I pretty much sit on the opposite side of the world than most other people. Other people have doubts.  Or questions.  Or stammerings. I have none of these. When I began to have visions that I would eventually experience in reality, I had to stop and admit that I was witness to a miracle.  I was fairly young then, but wise enough to know that a person just can’t “see” into the future to an event that hasn’t taken place yet, an event that eventually does occur, without the grace of God. Or, without the interference of God. You take your pick. Because everyone (even I) know that life on Earth is not a set matter.  It is ever-changing.  Intentions may [...]

MIRACLES: Jesus, God, And Water

June 28, 2013

There is a lot – A LOT – of writing that goes on in the hallowed halls of theological contemplation.   But there are times when I think that most of it is sort of a glorified (literally) sales presentation – presenting, mostly it seems, the latest and greatest in asserting and defending positions. I Think This About That, Therefore Here Is How The Bible Supports My Theory. It isn’t often that I come across someone just musing.  Slowly stirring his finger in a soup of images and stories, lining up people and words so they look like something we’ve never thought of before. But mostly, I think that people spend so much time imbuing scripture with IMPORTANT meanings (and they are there, to be sure), that they forget to [...]

JESUS: Miracles, Humanity, And Figs

June 25, 2013

People say that Jesus is God.  People also say that Jesus is human.  But I’ve discovered over the years that the two somehow combine in people’s minds to form something other than either God or man. Jesus has become, it seems, not man, not God, but Superman. He is a man above man.  Not just from time-to-time, not just in incidents like walking on water or changing water into wine. No.  Jesus is a man above man at all times and in all circumstances. I have probably written this before, but I’ll write it again, anyway: Were there a record of Jesus farting, I wager there would be by now at least 23 tomes expostulating on what blessings His Holy Wind had bestowed on those around Him at the time. In the life of Jesus, [...]

MIRACLES: The Wonder Of Co-Creation, or the real significance of the word, Yes

December 4, 2012

As I poke about in the realm of miracles, realizing that it’s an amazingly broad while underwritten subject, I’m torn between delving into miracles of healing and miracles of creation.  So I finally decided to divide them up and do two posts, this one being, oh, well, you already know what this one is on. It’s easy to settle on this one because it is that time of year when we can snuggle down somewhere soft and warm and gaze upon the image of a pregnant Mary.  A simple girl who was confronted with the most amazing proposition by God. Bear my child, will you? One major problem with Mary, for us, I think, is that we look at her and say, well, that was her situation then, I’ll never be in that kind of situation with [...]