Music As Prayer

MUSIC: Salutary Harmonies by Thomas H. Troeger

June 26, 2017

From: Music As Prayer The Oxford Dictionary of Music defines harmony as “the simultaneous sound (i.e., combination) of notes, giving what is known as vertical music contrasted with horizontal music.”  That is a technical definition that provides no idea of what harmony sounds like to the ear.  Think of a passage particularly rich in harmonies or of the concluding chord of one of your favorite compositions.  Listen to that blended sound resonating in your ear and then re-read the dictionary definition of harmony.  If that dictionary definition was all we had, I doubt that “harmony” would have become such a useful metaphor for so many different domains of experience and knowledge: living in harmony with nature, a [...]

MUSIC: When The World Falls Apart by Thomas H. Troeger

June 19, 2017

From: Music As Prayer If you were to look through the door of my study, you would know at a glance that I am well acquainted with the chaos monster.  Books are piled upon books; papers upon papers; and stacks upon stacks on the desk, the filing cabinet, the floor, and the couch.  The chaos monster is always threatening to get the upper hand.  What about you?  Sooner or later, most of us do battle with the chaos monster, if not in our study, then simply in the course of living.  We think we have our day organized and know when and where we have got to be.  Then suddenly a text message comes in or the phone rings or the computer dings with an emergency we never foresaw. Most of us are adept at dealing with the minor intrusions of the [...]

MUSIC: Music And Metaphor by Thomas H. Troeger

June 12, 2017

From: Music As Prayer I am indebted to my friend and colleague Martin Jean for introducing me to this Kendall Walton quotation that summarizes many of the ways we describe the expressive qualities of music: We call passages of music exuberant, agitated, serene, timid, calm, determined, nervous. We speak of rising and falling melodies, of wistful melodies and hurried rhythms, or motion and rest, of leaps, skips, and stepwise progression, of statements and answering phases, tension and release, resignation and resolve, struggle, uncertainty, and arrival. Music can be impetuous, powerful, delicate, sprightly, witty, majestic, tender, arrogant, peevish, spirited, yearning, chilly. As we listen to it we imagine agitation or nervousness, [...]