WILDERNESS: The Wilderness—Where Worship Deepens by Brian & Candice Simmons

March 15, 2018

From The Wilderness The most difficult season of your life is about to be over.  You will see a victory that will cause you to explode with joy and rejoice in song.  The prophetic destiny of your life will be advanced, even in a wilderness of uncertainty.  Miracles will be discovered in your wilderness. We have found that miracles flow in an atmosphere of music.  Worship turns a wilderness into an oasis of the supernatural.  As we lived day after day in the jungle, it was the song of worship that kept us strong and submitted to our calling.  The miracle of worship strengthened our souls.  We would never want to live without worship.  Heaven is full of the sounds of supernatural worship – musical miracles! The Hebrews began their [...]

WILDERNESS: The Wilderness—Where Faith Grows by Brian & Candice Simmons

March 7, 2018

From The Wilderness As new believers, we became fascinated with the Bible.  After seasons of soaking our heart in the Word of God and prayer for hours a day, God would give us dreams of reaching a tribe of unreached people with the gospel of Christ.  More than anything, we wanted to go where no one had gone before and pioneer a kingdom outpost for our Lord Jesus.  Our heart’s desire was to be missionaries of the Lamb and to be the first people to share Christ with those living in spiritual darkness. Our personal belief is that everyone that comes to Christ has had someone praying for them.  A mother, a friend, or an intercessor somewhere – someone has prayed you into the Kingdom.  We certainly had those who prayed for us, a group [...]

WILDERNESS: The Wilderness—A Place Of Mystery by Brian & Candice Simmons

February 28, 2018

From The Wilderness We are all taking a journey through the wilderness, heading toward the land God has promised us.  So what exactly is the “wilderness?” The best definition I (Candice) can give you is this: it’s a place in life you’d rather not be in, a place of dissatisfaction where you know something better exists.  It can be the difficult place you find yourself in today.  It can be an unfulfilling career, a broken marriage, or the sting of loneliness that doesn’t go away.  It’s the place where you’re humbled and stripped bare – the place of not knowing and not understanding.  God may lead you on a path where a shroud of mystery covers your way. Let’s face it, at times we all walk into a place we didn’t ask [...]

WILDERNESS: The Wilderness—Where Miracles Are Born by Brian & Candice Simmons

February 21, 2018

From The Wilderness It was our very first visit to the jungle as we were preparing to move in among the Kuna people as tribal missionaries.  The hour-and-a-half flight took us into some of the deepest parts of the Darien Gap, a dense tropical rainforest that covers large portions of Panama and Colombia.  We were finally moving to the village after years of prayer and preparation.  Our hearts were pounding as we stepped down out of the Cessna 185 “bush plane.”  We were now in our new home, the Paya-Kuna tribal village of Pucuro! Would the people welcome us?  Would they be friendly to our family?  Would their hearts be open to our message of new life in Jesus Christ?  The first words we heard from the Kuna people were not what we [...]

WILDERNESS: The Wilderness—Everyone Has One by Brian & Candice Simmons

February 14, 2018

From The Wilderness When you see the word miracles paired with wilderness in the title of this book, you might think, Are you kidding?  We all love the word miracle, but wilderness – not so much!  We’ve all experienced difficult seasons at one time or another and have hoped for that instantaneous miracle to appear.  Over and over you can hear the cry of our hearts through the psalmist, King David, as he says: How long, O Lord? When will you answer my cry? Why must I wait so long for your promise to be fulfilled? We can all identify with those words, for we’ve all had unresolved issues surface in our journey with Christ.  So in spite of what others may tell you, the Christian journey is not a life of endless bliss, with a perfect [...]

POETRY: Stones And Bread, by György Rónay

March 12, 2014

Translated from the Hungarian by Dalma Hunyadi Brunauer Stop here stop here stop here they kept yelling the blind the deaf the lame the epileptic stop here stop here stop! they stood by the roadside yelling beat the earth with sticks waving their crutches for Jesus came on the road before Him shift-clad children were buzzing at His side softly the Twelve walked along and behind Him the people. Stop here stop here! cried all the wretched the sea of filthy cripples foamed two panting servants were dragging onto the flat roof of his house the paralytic stop here the palms’ lacy leaves were writhing stop here the paralytic beat his servants with a stick his eyes bloodshot Do not pass before I get upstairs Do not pass until I get [...]