Eternal Echoes

BELONGING: Eternal Echoes, Prologue (Part 2) by John O’Donohue

January 16, 2019

From Eternal Echoes Our world is suffused with beauty.  There are landscapes, oceans, paintings, and music whose beauty awakens in our hearts a sense of the eternal.  Yet nowhere do we feel so deeply encountered as we do in the presence of another human being.  There is something in another human presence that is equal to our longing and soul.  The human heart is a theater of longing.  One of our deepest longings is to find love and friendship.  In the Celtic tradition there was the beautiful notion of the Anam-Cara.  Anam is the Irish word for “soul” and Cara is the word for “friend.”  In the Anam-Cara friendship, you were joined in an ancient way with the friend of your soul.  This was a bond that neither space nor time [...]

BELONGING: Eternal Echoes, Prologue (Part 1) by John O’Donohue

January 9, 2019

From Eternal Echoes I remember as a child discovering the echo of sound.  It was the first time that my father took me up the mountain to herd the cattle.  As we passed a limestone cliff, he called out to the cattle in the distance.  His call had barely ended when it was copied exactly and sent forth again by the stone.  It was a fascinating discovery.  I tried out my own voice and the echo returned faithfully every time.  It was as if the solid limestone mountains had secret hearing and voice.  Their natural stillness and silence suddenly broke forth in an exact mimic of the human voice, indicating that there is a resonant heart in the depths of silence; the stone responds in a symmetry of sound.  Hearing one’s echo out among [...]