The Giving Gift

HOLY SPIRIT: Beginning With Mary—The Holy Spirit And Mary by Tom Smail

June 17, 2018

From The Giving Gift But if all this involves dynamic personal relationships, then it is to one of the most significant of these in all its particularity that we must now turn.  The place at which, according to Matthew and Luke and the creedal tradition of the church, the Holy Spirit begins to reveal himself in his New Testament fullness is in relation to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Of course when the creed brings the Holy Spirit and Mary together, the subject of the sentence is not either of them, but “Jesus Christ, his only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.”  If the Spirit works revealingly in Mary, it is not for her sake or yet for his own, but so that Jesus Christ can be formed in her [...]

HOLY SPIRIT: Beginning With Mary—Three Basic Affirmations by Tom Smail

June 10, 2018

From The Giving Gift 1.  To describe the Holy Spirit as Gift emphasizes that we are here in the realm of grace. Free giving is not by any  means the only kind of exchange that can take place between two parties.  A check can pass from me to you as a contracted payment of wages in return for services rendered.  It is then not a gift but a payment, a quid pro quo in which one party fulfills agreed conditions and the other party is in duty bound to pay the agreed reward. Some Christians have tended to understand God’s sending of the Holy Spirit in this contractual way.  God gives the Spirit when we fulfill the conditions that he has laid down.  This view has both a typically Roman Catholic and a typically Protestant form. In much [...]

HOLY SPIRIT: Beginning With Mary—The Spirit As Giving Gift by Tom Smail

June 3, 2018

From The Giving Gift We shall therefore be asking how the distinctive work of the Spirit in salvation and creation is to be understood in its connection with and distinction from the work of the Father and the Son and how therefore the person of the Spirit is to be understood in its connection with and distinction from the persons of the Father and the Son.  Put more simply: How does what he does relate to what they do, and how does who he is relate to who they are? We may give a preliminary answer to both these questions in terms of our title by saying that the Holy Spirit is the Giving Gift.  First question: What does the Holy Spirit do within the God-man relationship?  Answer: He gives the things of God and the things of Christ to [...]

HOLY SPIRIT: Beginning With Mary—Introduction by Tom Smail

May 27, 2018

From The Giving Gift A Hymn for the Baptism of Jesus Father, behold your Son made man To baptism comes in Jordan’s stream, And thus fulfills your ancient plan All Adam’s children to redeem. Your voice from Heaven your will attests, “My Son, on whom my favor rests.” Blest Spirit, who in Mary’s womb The new humanity began, Who soon from Joseph’s darkened tomb Will bring to life the Son of Man, The baptized Christ with gifts endow, Anoint the new Messiah now. Lord Jesus Christ, now Son proclaimed, Baptized with Holy Spirit’s powers, Unsullied Lamb of God now named, The sins you bear, not yours but ours, Go forth the Devil’s wrath to face Live, die and rise to save our race. O Triune God, your people claim, The Father’s [...]