Come Creator Spirit

THE HOLY SPIRIT: Come, Creator Spirit by Raniero Cantalamessa

August 12, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit Now, let us apply all of this to that “little world” which is our own heart.  The Fathers, in fact, do not reserve to the church the title of “cosmos of the cosmos,” the crown of creation, but sometimes speak also of the individual human being in the same terms.  This can have an extraordinary influence on the way we grasp the Holy Spirit in our mind and cooperate with the Spirit in our lives as believers.  “Darkness covered the face of the deep,” (Genesis 1:2).  But the human heart too, says the scripture, is an abyss, a place of hidden depths, (Psalms 64:7).  There is an outward chaos, but there is also the chaos within.  Our chaos is the darkness that is in us, the [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: Experience Of The Spirit As Creator by Raniero Cantalamessa

August 4, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit The most important thing, also in the matter of the Holy Spirit as Creator, is not to understand or explain what this might mean, but to experience the Spirit as Creator.  In the strictest sense, to create means to draw forth being out of nothingness.  How, then, can someone who already exists invoke the Spirit as Creator?  If you invoke, you must exist, and if you exist, how can you still experience being created? This point has a profound religious implication.  To invoke the Creator Spirit upon oneself is to carry oneself back, in faith, to that moment when God still retained all power over you, when you were only “a thought in God’s heart,” and God could have made of you whatever God [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Title “Creator,” An “Open Structure” by Raniero Cantalamessa

July 29, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit What does the title “Creator” mean to us today, first of all from the point of view of theology and faith?  The fundamental point is still the same as was brought to light by the Fathers: The Holy Spirit of God!  Using the title “Creator,” the author of the hymn wanted to put a solemn profession of faith in the divinity of the Holy Spirit at the very start, ahead of everything else.  The title “Creator” is like the clef placed at the beginning of a symphonic score, determining how the whole symphony and every note in it is to sound: this hymn is about God himself, and not about God’s attributes or about a nebulous kind of “divine energy.”  A beautiful [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Creator Spirit In Scripture by Raniero Cantalamessa

July 21, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit The Fathers, attributing the role of Creator to the Spirit, are taking the Bible as their base.  A great deal of their argument is negative in character; in other words, they intend to show that the Spirit is “not a creature.”  However, in doing so they also affirm that the Holy Spirit is in fact “Creator.”  They were not mistaken in the substance of their teaching.  The scripture contains the idea of the “Creator” Spirit.  The difference is that the Fathers accentuated the ontological meaning of the word, understanding “Creator” as a designation of the essence or the nature of the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit is Creator and hence he is God), whereas the Bible [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Spirit As Creator In Tradition by Raniero Cantalamessa

July 14, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit Veni Creator Spiritus.  Come, Creator Spirit!  The title, “Creator,” is new and unusual.  Our hymn is perhaps the only liturgical text in which the Spirit is called by this name instead of by the other “canonical” name, Holy.  It is the strongest word, not only in the first verse but in the whole hymn.  Using “Creator” in this way is like throwing open the window to a view of the Bible and Tradition.  A window is a small opening, but looking through it one can see an immense panorama; the closer one gets to the window, the wider the panorama one can see.  In a similar way, Creator is just a little word, but the deeper we dig into its history, the more it reveals [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: In The School Of “Brother Wind” by Raniero Cantalamessa

June 30, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit Now we can go back to the symbols of wind and breath because they help us get a visual image of the content of our contemplation.  The symbols are “functional”; they tell us what the Spirit does, and this is what makes them so useful to us at this time.  Let’s go to the school of “brother wind,” as Saint Francis of Assisi called it.  The wind will remind us of many things, if we look at it with new eyes washed clear by the word of God.  The language of words changes; the language of things is unchanging.  Brother Wind speaks today exactly as in the time of Ezekiel and at the very beginning of the world. Look, for instance, at what happens when a strong, blustery wind blows.  [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit Fills Our Loneliness by Raniero Cantalamessa

June 25, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit Let us pass on to the second characteristic: the Holy Spirit as a mystery of goodness, gentleness, indulgence, closeness, and as a mystery of quietness and rest.  Western Christianity has attempted to express this bouquet of qualities using the verse from the Bible that, in the Latin Vulgate, said, “Oh, how good and how sweet, Lord, is your Spirit in all things,” (Wisdom 12:1).  In a sermon on Pentecost, Pope Innocent III exclaimed: “Oh, how agreeable is the Spirit, how peaceful, how gentle!  Those alone know him who have tasted him!” In Semitic languages, the noun, “spirit” is feminine, and this has certainly made its influence felt, so much so that (particularly among the [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Holy Spirit Comes To Help Us In Our Weakness by Raniero Cantalamessa

June 16, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit We are reflecting, therefore, on the Spirit first as mystery of power and transcendence.  The Spirit represents the “numinous” (that is, the wholly other, the transcendent) in its pure state.  The Sequence for Pentecost very fittingly applies this concept to the Spirit when, praying to the Spirit, it says: “Without your divine presence (numen) there is nothing in man, nothing at all of innocence.” The Old Testament often speaks of the Spirit of God who “assails” like a hurricane, or who “bursts in upon” certain people, like Samson, conferring a supernatural strength on them.  This revelation of power grew by the addition of the appellative “Holy,” [...]

THE HOLY SPIRIT: Ruach, the Spirit’s Name by Raniero Cantalamessa

June 9, 2017

From: Come, Creator Spirit The literal translation of the first verse of the Veni Creator says: Come, Creator Spirit, visit the minds of those who are yours; fill with Heavenly grace the hearts that you have made. The theme of this introductory meditation will be two words of the first line of the Veni Creator: “Come, Spirit,” especially, “Spirit.”  Normally, the first thing we learn about a person is his or her name.  We use the name to call that person, and the name sorts that person out in our mind from all the other people we know.  The Third Person of the Trinity also has a name, even though, as we shall see, it is a very special king of name.  He is called, “Spirit.” Spirit, however, is a [...]