The Case for Grace

GRACE: The Search For Grace by Lee Strobel

January 17, 2019

From: The Case for Grace God waits to be wanted.  Too bad with many of us he waits so long, so very long, in vain. (A. W. Tozer) He was leaning back in his leather recliner in the wood-paneled den, his eyes darting back and forth between the television set and me, as if he didn’t deign to devote his full attention to our confrontation.  In staccato bursts, he would lecture and scold and shout, but his eyes never met mine. It was the evening before my high-school graduation, and my dad had caught me lying to him – big-time. Finally, he snapped his chair forward and shifted to look fully into my face, his eyes angry slits behind his glasses.  He held up his left hand, waving his pinky like a taunt as he pounded each and every word: [...]

GRACE: The Case For Grace, Preface by Lee Strobel

January 10, 2019

From: The Case for Grace God’s grace is the sole basis for both new life and spiritual vitality. (Stanley Grenz) Defining grace can be as simple as one declarative sentence: “Grace is the favor shown by God to sinners.”  From there, it can be expounded upon in volumes of theological treatises, but at its core it is an unmerited and unconditional gift of God’s love that we can never earn or deserve. Grace enables us to respond to God, enfolds us into his family, and empowers us to change.  Theologian Thomas C. Oden said grace is necessary “to know truth, avoid sin, act well, pray fittingly, desire salvation, begin to have faith and persevere in faith.”  Grace, he said, is nothing less than “the motivating power of the [...]