GRACE: Jesus Loves Cannibals by Preston Sprinkle

January 17, 2019

From: Charis God’s scandalous grace invaded Portage, Wisconsin, with unwelcomed splendor in April 1994.  It sailed past several churches and seminaries and targeted a criminal serving multiple life sentences in the Columbia Correctional Institution.  It’s not uncommon for thieves and murderers in prison to encounter God’s grace, but this day was different.  The villain who attracted God’s love was a man who had killed, had sex with, dismembered, and eaten portions of (in that order) seventeen young men.  Reviled as the epitome of human depravity – is human a fitting term? – Jeffrey Dahmer turned heads and stomachs with his imaginative acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. His vile behavior elicited a nauseating response when [...]

GRACE: Charis, Preface by Preston Sprinkle

January 10, 2019

From: Charis Seriously?  Another book on grace? Trust me, this one will be different.  I promise you. This book stems from half a dozen years of teaching the Old Testament in a college setting.  You might think this would produce a book about judgment, perhaps a book on hell, but no way.  The Old Testament is all about grace.  I tell my students that the reason we don’t offer a course on grace is because we already offer several courses on the Old Testament.  A class on grace would be redundant, superfluous, a swift kick to an already dead horse. The Old Testament is a kaleidoscope of grace.  And this book will admire its beauty.  Genesis, Exodus, even Judges and Kings – they’re all greedy to be read by tired Christians [...]