The Peaceable Kingdom

CHRISTIAN ETHICS: Christian Ethics In A Fragmented And Violent World—2 by Stanley Hauerwas

June 16, 2018

From The Peaceable Kingdom Living Amid Fragments: The Insufficiency of Ethics One of the ironies of the current situation is that the attempt to deny that ethics responds to the peculiarity of our current social and historic situation only makes us more subject to that situation.  We are told we live in a morally bankrupt age.  People think what was at one time unthinkable; indeed they do what was once unthinkable.  We experience our world as so morally chaotic that we now feel our only alternative is for each person “to choose,” if not create, the standards by which they will live. As pervasive as this feeling is, it is unclear exactly why we feel we are morally at sea.  No time or society has ever been free of moral ambiguity.  [...]

CHRISTIAN ETHICS: Christian Ethics In A Fragmented And Violent World—1 by Stanley Hauerwas

June 9, 2018

From The Peaceable Kingdom Ethics and the Demand for Absolutes All ethical reflection occurs relative to a particular time and place.  Not only do ethical problems change from one time to the next, but the very nature and structure of ethics is determined by the particularities of a community’s history and convictions.  From this perspective the notion of “ethics” is misleading, since it seems to suggest that “ethics” is an identifiable discipline that is constant across history.  In fact, much of the burden of this book will be to suggest that ethics always requires an adjective or qualifier – such as, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, existentialist, pragmatic, utilitarian, humanist, medieval, modern – in order to denote the [...]

CHRISTIAN ETHICS: Introduction—Introducing An “Introduction” by Stanley Hauerwas

May 24, 2018

From The Peaceable Kingdom While this book is meant to be a primer or introduction to Christian ethics which I hope can be used both in introductory courses in college and by adult study groups, I am not providing a survey of what various ethicists think on current issues in the field.  Nor will I offer any extensive analysis of past and current figures in Christian ethics.  Instead this book is an introduction in the sense that it attempts to present one straightforward account of a Christian ethic. Alternative accounts are mentioned only as a means of clarifying my own position.  As a result the book may be said to be decidedly “one-sided” for an introduction.  My only defense is that I know no other way it can be done.  As I [...]