MYSTICISM: First Vision—On The Oright Of Life (2) by Hildegard of Bingen

First Vision—On The Oright Of Life (2) by Hildegard of Bingen

From: Hildegard of Bingen’s Book of Divine Works, With Letters and Songs

I, the highest and fiery power, have kindled every spark of life, and I emit nothing that is deadly.  I decide on all reality.  With my lofty wings I fly above the globe: With wisdom I have rightly put the universe in order.  I, the fiery life of divine essence, am aflame beyond the beauty of the meadows, I gleam in the waters, and I burn in the sun, moon, and stars.  With every breeze, as with invisible life that contains everything, I awaken everything to life.  The air lives by turning green and being in bloom.  The waters flow as if they were alive.  The sun lives in its light, and the moon is enkindled, after its disappearance, once again by the light of the sun so that the moon is again revived.  The stars, too, give a clear light with their beaming.  I have established pillars that bear the entire globe as well as the power of the winds which, once again, have subordinate wings – so to speak, weaker wings – which through their gentle power resist the mighty winds so that they do not become dangerous.  In the same way, too, the body envelops the soul and maintains it so that the soul does not blow away.  For just as the breath of the soul strengthens and fortifies the body so that it does not disappear, the more powerful winds, too, revive the surrounding winds so that they can provide their appropriate service.

And thus I remain hidden in every kind of reality as a fiery power.  Everything burns because of me in such a way as our breath constantly moves us, like the wind-tossed flame in a fire.  All of this lives in its essence, and there is no death in it.  For I am life.  I am also Reason, which bears within itself the breath of the resounding Word, through which the whole of creation is made.  I breathe life into everything so that nothing is mortal in respect to its species.  For I am life.

I am life, whole and entire (vita integra) – not struck from stones, not blooming out of twigs, not rooted in a man’s power to beget children.  Rather all life has its roots in me.  Reason is the root, the resounding Word blooms out of it.

Since God is Reason, how could it be that God, who causes all divine actions to come to fruition through human beings, is not active!  God created men and women in the divine image and likeness, and marked each of these creatures according to a fixed standard in human beings.  From eternity it was in the mind of God to wish to create humanity, God’s own handiwork.  And when God completed this action, God gave over to act with it just as God had formed the divine handiwork, humanity.

And thus I serve by helping.  For all life lights up out of me.  I am life that remains ever the same, without beginning and without end.  For this life is God, who is always in motion and constantly in action, and yet this life is manifest in a threefold power.  For eternity is called the “Father,” the Word is called the “Son,” and the breath that binds both of them together is called the “Holy Spirit.”  And God has likewise marked humanity; in human beings there are body, soul, and reason.  The fact that I am aglow above the beauty of Earthly realms has the following meaning: The Earth is the material out of which God forms human beings.  The fact that I am illuminated in the water signifies the soul, which permeates the entire body just as water flows through the entire Earth.  The fact that I am afire in the sun and moon signifies reason; for the stars are countless words of reason.  And the fact that I awaken the universe with a breath of air as with the invisible life that contains everything, has the following significance: Through air and wind whatever is growing toward maturity is enlivened and supported, and in no way does it diverge from its inner being.

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