POETRY: Soft Place to Fall by Sandra Weiss

Soft Place to Fall by Sandra Weiss

Evening approaches, to call an end to the day.
Shadows surround the last bit of light.
The sounds that were, fade away.
A stillness descends to blend into the night.

The early darkness, a night without end,
is what I dread, but I have to face.
Dusk to dawn, empty hours to spend
in my world which is nothing but space.

I look for anything, to pass the time,
restless, I walk from room to room.
Hoping to distract this pattern of mine,
to disappear into the increasing gloom.

The need inside of me, makes itself known.
My heart and soul hears it’s silent call.
I have searched in vain, though I am alone.
I yearn for that soft place to fall.

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