A NEW EARTH: Welcoming The Promise by John Eldredge

Heaven, Earth, and the Restoration of Everything You Love

Welcoming The Promise by John Eldredge

From All Things New

I am treasuring now every taste of the promise that comes my way.  I am seeking them out with new eyes, letting them broaden my kingdom imagination, fill these empty files with brilliant expectations.

Years ago, while visiting friends in Kauai, we discovered one of those moments that overflows with the wonder and allure of the coming kingdom.  We had borrowed sea kayaks and come nightfall would paddle out in the dark, under the Pacific stars, out past the breakers into the rolling swells.  The surf hits the reef a few hundred yards out from shore, and there was only one gap through which you could pass somewhat safely out into open water.  And there we would sit, letting our pounding hearts calm, riding up and down on the rollers coming in, and just letting it all take our breath away.  The jet-black ocean beneath us, with who knows what swimming by; the night sky above, just as black and even deeper, allowing the stars to do their best; and often, the warm Kauai rain gently falling on us for a few minutes.

In a small kayak you feel everything – the currents, the swells, your own fragility.  Out there in the dark it was like floating on the mystery of God – holy, mesmerizing, and more than a little unnerving.  But the beauty and adventure were irresistible, and it became something we did every time we visited.

The currents move you up and down the coast, so as we began to paddle back in we searched in the dark for the one gap that would allow us to shoot through the crashing waves over the reef and into the lagoon.  The luminescent foam allowed a glimpse of the place where the breakers weren’t thundering onto the coral, and there we would catch the thrilling ride back in.  Once past the reef, just inches below, the lagoon opened up quiet and calm; we felt safer from the sharks in there.

There are a few dozen cottages scattered along that stretch of beach and the dark cliffs behind.  No hotels, no condo honeycombs; just the simple warmth of a few softly glowing porch lights calling you home.  Paddling in felt like a moment from the kingdom.

These precious moments – so filled with the promise – are “hauntings” from the Spirit of God, given to us to lift our hearts into the wonder of the restoration of all things.  And very soon we will visit those waters again and swim without fear at night, playing with the dolphins and whales, and then riding the waves themselves into the beach where we will sit around the campfires of the kingdom and tell stories late into the night.

The things we are discussing are utterly real, friends.  Utterly real and the most concrete part of your future.

…until both creation and all the creatures are ready and can be released at the same moment into the glorious times ahead.  Meanwhile, the joyful anticipation deepens. (Romans 8:18-21)

There is a deep and holy connection between creation’s release and ours.  It waits upon us.  Let’s explore that next.

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