PRAYER: Give Us Strength

Give Us Strength

Early Christian prayer 

Give us strength to do your will.
Do not dwell on the sins we have committed,
Or on the sins we shall commit.
Put out of your mind our many failings.
Keep no record of our wrongs.
Both those which were deliberate,
And those which we could not help.
Remember, Lord, that men are apt to slip,
That we are a weak and spineless race,
Apt to blunder and fall.
Our skins may seem clear and fresh,
But beneath the surface are festering spiritual sores.

O God, we know you are well disposed to us,
So give us your strength and support.
Help us to live by the precepts of our faith,
Fill our minds with the light of your love.
We have heard the holy teachings of your Son.
Let us not be content merely to hear him,
But give us the desire to obey him.
Teach us always to look upwards.
Seeking to probe with our prayers the mystery of Heaven.
May the vision of your Heavenly kingdom
Guide our actions on Earth.


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