PRAYER: An Horology by Lancelot Andrewes

An Horology by Lancelot Andrewes

O thou that hast put in thine own power the times and the seasons, give us grace that we may pray to thee in a convenient and opportune season; and save us.

O thou that for us men and for our salvation wast born in the depth of night, grant us to be renewed daily by the Holy Ghost, until Christ himself be formed in us, to a perfect man, and save us.

O thou that very early in the morning, at the rising of the sun, didst rise again from the dead, raise us also daily to newness of life, suggesting to us, for thou knowest them, habits meet for repentance; and save us.

O thou that at the sixth hour of the sixth day didst nail together with thyself upon the cross the sins of the world, blot out the handwriting of our sins that is against us, and taking it away, save us.

Thou that at the seventh hour didst command the fever to leave the nobleman’s son, if there be any fever in our hearts, if any sickness, remove it from us also; and save us.

Thou that at the ninth hour for us sinners and for our sins, didst taste of death, mortify our members which are upon Earth, and whatsoever is contrary to thy will; and save us.

Thou that at the tenth hour didst grant unto thine apostle to discover thy Son and to cry out with great gladness, “we have found the Messiah,” grant to us also, in like manner, to find the same Messiah and having found him to rejoice in like manner; and save us.

Thou that didst even at the eleventh hour of the day of thy goodness send into thy vineyard those that had stood all the day idle, promising them a reward, give us the like grace, and though it be late, even as it were about the eleventh hour, favorably receive us who return to thee; and save us.

Thou that at the sacred hour of the Supper wast pleased to institute the mysteries of thy Body and Blood, render us mindful and partakers of the same; yet never to condemnation, but to the remission of sin, and to the acquiring of the promises of the New Testament; and save us.

Thou that at eventide wast pleased to be taken down from the cross and laid in the grave, take away from us, and bury in thy sepulcher, our sins, covering whatever evil we have committed with good works; and save us.

Thou that hast made the evening the end of the day, so that thou mightest bring the evening of life to our minds, grant us always to reflect that our life passeth away like a day; to remember the days of darkness that they are many; that the night cometh wherein no man can work; by good works to prevent the darkness, lest we be cast out into outer darkness; and continually to cry unto thee, “Abide with us, O Lord, for it draweth towards evening and the day of our life is now far spent.”

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