EASTER: Face by Trevor Hudson

50 Words for Easter People

Face by Trevor Hudson

From Pauses for Pentecost

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands,
he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord.
(Exodus 34:29)

Our faces say a lot about us.  They reveal something about our age, our disposition toward life, the pain that we have experienced, the joys we have known, the worries and anxieties that we have, and so much more.  We spend large amounts of money on our faces as well.  We buy skin-care products like moisturizers, makeup, lipstick, and eyeliners to help us look a little better to others.  But what money can never buy is the radiance that the Spirit alone can bring to our faces, no matter how wrinkled or weather-beaten they may have become.

God-given radiance reflects the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  When we interact with the Lord as Moses did on Mount Sinai, the Spirit begins to work deeply within us.  Our characters begin to radiate an inner integrity, an obvious serenity, a loving responsiveness toward others – all of which reveals vividly that we have been with the Lord.  Moses’s face shines when he comes down from the mountain.  It is so bright that people around him ask him to cover it with a veil.  Indeed, in Exodus 34:30 we read that they are “afraid to come near him.”

The faces of Easter people glow with this inner radiance that the Spirit gives.  Can you think of persons you know whose faces have been radiant in this way?  The wonderful thing is that, like Moses, they are completely unaware of the glow on their faces.  These people remind us that as we remain in conscious relationship with the Lord, the Holy Spirit continues to change us from the inside out.  Will it not be something very special if those who look at our faces today think to themselves, I am sure this person has been with Jesus.


Daily Practice

When you look in the mirror today, ask the Holy Spirit to make your face shine with the Spirit’s presence.  Trust that your face will reflect the presence of the Lord with us.

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