PILGRIMAGE: Holy Week by Albert Holtz

A Benedictine Journey Through Lent

Holy Week by Albert Holtz

From: Pilgrim Road

Arriving in Jerusalem

The escape through the Red Sea, the covenant at Sinai, and the forty years of desert wandering transformed a ragged band of sheepherders into a holy nation, the People of God.  The experience changed them forever.

Our meditations for this final week stress that our Lenten journey is not just a forty-day exercise after which we return to our old ways.  It is meant to change us permanently.  The meditations for Monday and Wednesday, “Salamanca” and “Perpignan” both reflect the theme of transformation in Christ, while “Santa Cruz” shows how certain experiences have the power to change our hearts.  “El Bosque” helps us learn from an eloquent ritual used in the Holy Thursday liturgy, while “Fatima Parish” challenges us with an unsettling variation of an ancient Good Friday ceremony.  Finally, on Holy Saturday, “Padua” invites us to take a few minutes to keep a quiet vigil at the Lord’s tomb.

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