PILGRIMAGE: The Fifth Week of Lent by Albert Holtz

A Benedictine Journey Through Lent

The Fifth Week of Lent by Albert Holtz

From: Pilgrim Road

Hoping in the Lord

In the desert Israel had to depend on God for everything: military protection, food, water, and guidance through the trackless waste.  On our own life’s journey we have to learn to rely on God rather than on substitutes.  Toward the end of Lent, the church’s lectionary readings show us the sinister forces gathering against Jesus, and his growing awareness of his impending death.  At the same time they show him relying more and more on his Father.  In the end, on Calvary, he will let go of everything until he has absolutely nothing left.  Nothing but his trust in God.

The chapters for this week, then, dwell on our response to Jesus’s example of confident dependence on God alone.  “Lérins” assures us that God’s love keeps sustaining us at every moment of our lives.  “Loch Ness” celebrates the experience of hoping in the midst of adversity.  “Ligugé” reminds us that it is especially in times of trouble that, like Jesus, we can turn to God in prayer.  “Chambord” meditates on the gift of perspective, which allows us to see God’s plan at work in our lives.  “Amsterdam” insists on the need to confidently face and accept the mystery of suffering, just as Jesus did.  Finally, “Saint Gervais” offers the example of one courageous woman’s unshakable trust in divine providence.

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