WILDERNESS: The Wilderness—Where Worship Deepens by Brian & Candice Simmons

Where Miracles Are Born

The Wilderness—Where Worship Deepens by Brian & Candice Simmons

From The Wilderness

The most difficult season of your life is about to be over.  You will see a victory that will cause you to explode with joy and rejoice in song.  The prophetic destiny of your life will be advanced, even in a wilderness of uncertainty.  Miracles will be discovered in your wilderness.

We have found that miracles flow in an atmosphere of music.  Worship turns a wilderness into an oasis of the supernatural.  As we lived day after day in the jungle, it was the song of worship that kept us strong and submitted to our calling.  The miracle of worship strengthened our souls.  We would never want to live without worship.  Heaven is full of the sounds of supernatural worship – musical miracles!

The Hebrews began their journey with an outdoor concert of praise on the banks of the Red Sea.  They had just seen their enemy drown by a miracle of God’s delivering power.  That would make anyone sing!

Let’s look at the miracle stories of Israel as they wandered through the wilderness.  Their story is our story.  Their miracles will be our miracles.  We’ll begin in the book of Exodus.  This is where the miracles of Israel’s wilderness began.

The Song of Moses

Then Moses and the Israelites sang this song of praise to the Lord. (Exodus 15:1)

Did you know the wilderness miracles begin with a song?  Worship always sets the stage for miracles.  When the people worship, God comes out of hiding and shows his miracle power.  It is amazing how worship triggers the supernatural release of Heaven upon Earth.  As the people of God move from bondage into freedom, expect to hear singing along the way.

The journey through the wilderness actually began with the Song of Moses at the Red Sea.  Before their very eyes, the waters of the sea honored the redeemed and moved aside to let them pass on dry ground.  A million Hebrews witnessed this massive miracle!  Praise began to stir within them.  A celebration like you’ve never seen began spontaneously on the seashore as they watched their enemies float away.

The crossing of the Red Sea is to the Old Testament what the resurrection of Jesus Christ is to the New Testament.  Both are astonishing examples of our salvation.  The blood of the Passover lamb brought Israel out of bondage, but the parting of the Red Sea along with the Song of Moses delivered them from the power of Egypt.

Exodus 15 contains the first worship song recorded in scripture.  Many believe it is the oldest poem in the world.  Moses is the author, and the glory of God is the theme.  This is the overflow of a heart full of praise to Yahweh for his delivering mercies.  Mourning had turned to dancing.  Moses and the Hebrews were standing on resurrection ground, looking at the floating bodies of their enemies while rejoicing in the victory of God.  Abandoned to the Lord, they sang together of his greatness.

The song of the saints forever will be the Song of Moses.  You really need to study it, since this will actually be sung in eternity as we gather on the great sea of glass to praise almighty God.  Music and worship will play an important role in our devotion to God in Heaven.  Redemption and glory will be the twin themes of our Heavenly worship.  Exodus 15 parallels Revelation 15.  In both portions, we see God preparing a deliverer.  In Exodus, it’s Moses; in Revelation, it’s a Man-child company of overcomers for the last days.

Exodus 15 and Revelation 15 are amazing chapters full of singing.  As Moses and the redeemed stood on the shore of the Red Sea, with the light of a crimson dawn reflecting on its surface, it would have appeared as a sea of glass mingled with fire.  The fire of the dawn had dyed its waters.  Moses and the children of Israel were also a many-membered expression of Jesus Christ on the Earth, shining with his fiery presence, (see Isaiah 8:18 and Revelation 12:1-5).

It would be wise to learn this song of redemption and practice it for the Heavenly choir – so you can join in with them!

Then I saw what looked like a vast sea of glass blended with fiery flames.  And standing beside the sea were those who had conquered the beast, his image and the number of his name.*  They each held in their hands the harps of God and they were singing the song of Moses the servant of God and the Lamb’s song: “Mighty and marvelous are your miracles, Lord God, the Almighty!  True and righteous are your ways, O Sovereign, King of the ages!  Who will not reverence you in awe, O Lord, and bring glory to your name?  For you alone are holy and all nations will come and bow in worship before you, for your righteous works have been openly revealed.” (Revelation 15:2-4)

It’s true: one day our lives will become a song.  The miracles in our wilderness will have finished the work in our hearts.  The things that once troubled us will then be set to music and become the theme of our song.  He will give you songs at the break of day!

The miracle of the Red Sea became a springboard for Moses to prophesy of what God would do for us in the days to come.  The One who brought them out of Egypt will also bring us all into our inheritance.  This prophetic song will become our future deliverance.  It’s the victory song for your wilderness!

God on High

I will sing to the Lord, for he is raised up in the highest glory. (Exodus 15:1)

A life of miracles must be focused not on God’s power but on his preeminence.  The word Lord appears no less than twelve times in eighteen verses in the Song of Moses, (Exodus 15:1-18); if you include all the pronouns for God, he is referred to thirty-three times in this song.

In our wilderness  we tend to be so self-focused and consumed with our needs.  But true worship is the worship of God, not just singing about our needs or our blessings.  Worship is God focused, taking us out of our need into the glory fire of who he is and what he has done for us.  Worship will release miracles in your life!

Triumph Over Enemies

He has hurled the horse and the chariots into the sea. (Exodus 15:1)

Who else could have performed such a miracle as this?  He has triumphed gloriously!  Trapped between the devil and the deep Red Sea, the Hebrews cried out to the Lord, and the cloud of glory manifested as fire and light to them – yet to the horsemen of Egypt, it was total darkness.  The beloved Hebrew people walked across in the supernatural light on dry ground.  God has a way of dealing with your enemies.  He drowned the horse and rider in the sea.  He hurled them down to the mud and covered them with deep waters.  No wonder the Israelites sang on the seashore!  Your enemies will all one day be removed, and this great song of joy will be heard from your lips.

Our Strength

Yah is my strength and my song of power! (Exodus 15:2)

Yah is the name used here for God.  Yah is more than simply an abbreviated form of Yahweh – it actually means the “God of Power”!  The power of God was unleashed at the Red Sea and is unleashed when we sing songs of power to glorify him.  The Hebrew word used here for song has often been translated as “power.”  The Passion Translation incorporates both concepts by rendering it, “Yah is my song of power!”  What is there to fear when this strong God is leading your life, even if the path takes you through a wilderness?  What does it mean to have the Lord as your strength and song?  Divine strength and the spiritual song are inseparable.

Jesus is about to become the song of the end-time church.  We will finally enjoy him as the very song our heart was meant to sing.  We will sing this glorious song of the Lamb, and he will release strength to us as we do!  As we sing, adoration will become transformation.  Strength flows into us as worship flows out of us.  We will be replenished, filled, and strengthened by the presence of God through worship.  When the Lord becomes your strength, you will have something to sing about.  He will actually become your song.  The song of the last days will not be about us or what we have done – Jesus will be our very strength and song, no matter what comes!

Our Warrior God

The Lord is a warrior!  Yahweh is his name! (Exodus 15:3)

The Lord is a man of war.  One title of God is “The Lord of Armies.”  This is one aspect of the divine character that must be reemphasized in today’s church: our Lord is a warrior.  What you need in the wilderness is this warrior who will fight for you.  God will crush under his feet every foe to his purpose.  Whether an army or an attitude, every foe will tremble at his name.  How easily he won the battle for Israel!  He simply hurled the armies of Egypt into the depth of the sea.  Majestic power flows from this place of authority and shatters the enemies.  That’s worth singing about!

The Dance of Love

It is his love and strength that takes us into God’s heart, even in a wilderness.  The two things the human heart craves are unfailing love and the power to change.  These two basic needs drive nearly every activity of life under the sun.  We are all looking for a love that will accept us the way we are, and we look for a strength that can transform us into who we yearn to become!

The Israelites not only sang at the Red Sea – they danced.  They danced with all their might.  Very soon you may find yourself dancing over the reality of your deliverance and victory just as Miriam danced.  Miriam danced with a tambourine under a prophetic anointing, singing the chorus: “Sing to the Lord, for he has gloriously triumphed!  The horses and chariots he has hurled into the sea,” (v. 21).  This prophetess was possibly ninety years old.  Who said ninety is too old to dance?  This Song of the Sea needs to be sung today.  It’s an easy song to dance to – ask Miriam.  Your dancing days are still ahead!


I have many levels of faith still waiting for you.  Faith is like a river – it rises and at times it dries up.  It is your weak faith that only looks at circumstances.  I call you to assured faith that will believe my promises and bring me glory.  Your bold faith moves Heaven and Earth.  I give to you this day more faith!

* All those who are one day victorious over the “beast” will learn to sing this eternal song of thanksgiving and praise.  The “beast” is our self-life, (Psalm 73:22).  It seems our beast life is quite active when we are walking in a wilderness season.  But we are called to overcome this self through the life of Jesus within us.  As we overcome by the power of the cross and borrow the life of Christ for ourselves, we qualify as overcomers who sing the sacred Song of Moses.  All that is of the beast must be laid aside as we take up the Christ nature and live in his strength.  He can change us from a beast to a lamb, (Isaiah 11:6-10; Philippians 3:21; Revelation 12:11).

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