PILGRIMAGE: The Fourth Week of Lent by Albert Holtz

Awareness of God’s Presence

The Fourth Week of Lent by Albert Holtz

From: Pilgrim Road

Awareness of God’s Presence

We saw in the first week that the wilderness was a place of trial and temptation for Israel.  There was, however, a second and rather different tradition in the Old Testament, which thought of the wilderness experience as a unique time of intimacy with God, when Yahweh and the Chosen People came to know one another; it was a kind of honeymoon.  This week the emphasis shifts to that second tradition, and celebrates the fact that God is always close to us on our journey.

The meditations for the Fourth Week, then, help us to be more aware of the varied ways in which our Savior walks with us every day.  “Tuscany” celebrates Christ’s presence in the people around us; “Gödöllő” suggests a way of looking for God; “Poitiers” and “Brussels” insist that God is a part of our lives even when we are unaware of the fact; “Saint Malo” looks at a normal response to discovering God in our world-thanksgiving; and “Assisi” reminds us of our duty to help others see God in the world.

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