PILGRIMAGE: The Third Week of Lent by Albert Holtz

A Benedictine Journey Through Lent

The Third Week of Lent by Albert Holtz

From: Pilgrim Road

The Call To Conversion

For forty years Yahweh kept calling the Israelites deeper into the wilderness, and leading them farther along the road to conversion by teaching them lessons in trust, faithfulness, and love of God and of one another.  After concentrating during the first two and a half weeks of Lent on our brokenness and our need to battle against temptation, we now turn to a more positive side of the Lenten observance: answering God’s call to conversion by cultivating a life of virtue.

The same Lord who called the Hebrews to conversion calls you and me as well, especially during the desert days of Lent.  Each of the six meditations this week deals with a virtue that is part of the conversion experience.  Each of them is also specifically encouraged by Benedict in the Rule: listening in “Aubrac,” good example in “Esteville,” moderation and balance in “Dieppe,” singleness of heart in “Padua,” forgiveness in “Piray River,” and openness to others in “Ciudad del Este.”

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